strategies to recruit gen z
Sep 26, 2023 — Carly Miller

Recruiting Gen Z: How to Market Jobs to the Digital Natives

As we step into a new era of the workforce, marked by the rise of Generation Z (Gen Z), employers have a unique set of opportunities for recruiting Gen Z workers.

This digital-native generation, born between 1997 and 2012, is now entering the job market in full force. With this, they’re bringing fresh perspectives, tech-savviness, and a distinct set of aspirations and preferences.

Understanding and catering to these nuances is crucial for hiring Gen Z talent, a task that carries significant potential benefits for the future of work.

This guide delves into the unique characteristics of Gen Z and explores effective recruitment strategies to ensure your organization rises to the occasion.

Understanding Gen Z

strategies to recruit gen z

Unlike previous generations, Gen Z grew up during a unique period marked by rapid technological advancement, globalization, and economic uncertainty catalyzed by events like the Great Recession and COVID-19. Consequently, Gen Z is characterized by unique traits and values shaping their perspectives and behaviors.

Gen Z is known for its digital nativity, having never known a world without the internet and mobile technology. This exposure to technology from a young age has cultivated a high level of comfort and adeptness with digital tools, platforms, and communication channels.

They also value authenticity and transparency more than ever. Influenced by the unfiltered nature of social media and the digital age, Gen Z seeks the truth and expects brands, organizations, and leaders to be honest, transparent, and authentic.

Furthermore, this generation is highly socially conscious and keenly interested in issues like environmental sustainability, social justice, and equality. They are actively involved in social and political causes, leveraging digital platforms to voice their opinions and drive change.

Lastly, they demonstrate a strong entrepreneurial spirit. With resources available at the tip of their fingers, they are not afraid to take risks and innovate. This entrepreneurial inclination is reflected in their career preferences and their approach to learning, problem-solving, and life in general.

Gen Z in the Workplace

Generation Z exhibits a unique set of aspirations and expectations for the workplace. They are not merely looking for a job but seeking purposeful work aligning with their values and passions. They crave opportunities for growth and learning and value a workplace that fosters continuous development. Personalized career paths and professional development opportunities are particularly attractive to them.

Gen Z also expects certain flexibility and autonomy in their roles. They are young workers comfortable with remote work and prefer a work-life balance that doesn’t necessarily adhere to traditional 9-to-5 boundaries. They also expect their employers to harness technology effectively to streamline operations and facilitate communication, collaboration, and innovation.

Furthermore, Gen Z is looking for a diverse and inclusive work environment. As the most diverse generation, they expect their workplaces to reflect that diversity. They value a culture of inclusion and belonging, where everyone has equal opportunities and is treated with respect and dignity regardless of their background.

Recruiting Generation Z: 10 Effective Ways to Reach the Young Talent Pool

recruiting gen z

Build an Authentic Employer Brand

Establishing an authentic employer brand is crucial in attracting Gen Z talent. This generation values transparency and authenticity, seeking employers who are open about their company values, culture, and operations.

By building a brand that truthfully represents your organization’s mission, you can connect with Gen Z on a deeper level. This sincerity not only aids in the recruiting process but also fosters a sense of loyalty among current employees.

Invest in Recruitment Marketing Services

Investing in recruitment marketing services, such as those offered by TrackFive, is a critical strategy for reaching Gen Z candidates. As digital natives, Gen Z job seekers respond effectively to well-crafted, targeted online campaigns.

TrackFive’s expertise in recruitment marketing helps you create campaigns and strategically leverage social media platforms and digital channels to reach this tech-savvy generation.

Our tailored strategies attract the attention of Gen Z candidates and resonate with their values and aspirations, making them more likely to engage with your brand.

Utilize Social Media

Social media platforms are a powerful recruiting strategy for Gen Z, a generation that lives online. Platforms like Instagram, X, LinkedIn, and TikTok can be leveraged to showcase your organization’s culture, values, and opportunities.

Additionally, these platforms enable direct engagement, allowing for two-way communication and a better understanding of their needs and expectations. You can effectively reach, engage, and recruit from this digitally savvy talent pool by crafting a strong social media presence.

Be Tech-Savvy

To effectively recruit Gen Z workers, it’s imperative to be tech-savvy. Gen Z expects a seamless online experience. Hiring managers should, therefore, utilize advanced technologies in their hiring process, like generative AI and recruitment automation.

Furthermore, having a mobile-optimized application process is also crucial, as Gen Z is accustomed to using their smartphones for most online activities. By employing such tech-forward strategies, organizations meet Gen Z’s expectations and demonstrate an innovative and forward-thinking culture, which could be a significant attraction factor for this generation.

Leverage Employee Referrals

Referrals can be a potent tool for hiring Gen Z. A positive recommendation from a trusted peer or mentor holds significant weight for this generation, which values human connections and personal experiences.

A well-structured referral program can tap into this, turning your existing employees into effective recruiters. They can share their positive work experiences and align potential candidates with the company’s culture and values.

This strategy expands your reach to potential Gen Z applicants and fosters a stronger sense of community, loyalty, and engagement within your existing workforce.

Offer Flexible Work Arrangements

Offering flexible work arrangements is a highly effective way to recruit and retain Gen Zers. This generation values the ability to integrate work with their lifestyle, favoring roles that offer flexibility regarding hours and location.

Providing options such as remote work, flexible hours, or project-based roles satisfies Gen Z’s desire for autonomy and work-life balance and signals a modern and adaptable workplace culture.

Emphasize Diversity and Inclusion

Emphasizing diversity and inclusion can greatly enhance recruitment efforts for Gen Z candidates. This generation firmly commits to social justice and values diverse workplaces that foster inclusion.

Showcasing a culture that respects and appreciates different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences aligns with Gen Z’s values and makes your organization appealing to its sense of fairness and equality.

This can be done through transparent communication about your diversity policies and inclusion initiatives and celebrating diversity within your current team.

Start your commitment to inclusion by creating unbiased job descriptions and postings that will attract Gen Z talent from the beginning of their job search. Reflect on this same message on your careers page.

Offer Competitive Benefits

Offering competitive benefits is another crucial strategy to recruit Gen Z. This generation seeks comprehensive benefits packages beyond just salary and includes aspects such as adequate paid time off, health and wellness programs, mental health support, tuition reimbursement, and better career growth opportunities.

Such benefits demonstrate an organization’s commitment to employee well-being and personal development, which Gen Z applicants highly value.

Leverage Your Existing Employees

Leveraging your existing Gen Z employees can be a powerful recruitment strategy. These young people provide an authentic insight into your company culture and work environment. Sharing their positive experiences on social media or with their peers can significantly encourage Gen Zers to apply.

This word-of-mouth marketing is credible and cost-effective, making your current Gen Z employees brand advocates. Additionally, involving them in the recruitment process, such as participation in interviews or recruiting events, can further increase the appeal of your organization to potential Gen Z candidates.

Keep Your Hiring Process Quick and Creative

Gen Z values efficiency and quick responses, so a prolonged recruitment process could deter them. Implementing technology for quick and easy application submissions, fast-tracking resume screening, and scheduling instant feedback can significantly enhance their candidate experience. You can also implement creative interview strategies to better cater to Gen Z.

Strengthen Your Team With Gen Z Workers

recruiting gen z

Successfully recruiting and engaging Gen Z job seekers involves understanding their unique characteristics, values, and preferences.

By leveraging digital platforms, adopting tech-forward strategies, emphasizing diversity and inclusion, offering flexible work arrangements, providing competitive benefits, and utilizing your existing Gen Z employees as brand advocates, you can effectively attract and retain this next generation of talent.

It’s a strategic investment that will pay dividends in the form of a vibrant, diverse, and innovative workforce ready to propel your organization into the future.

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