We know how to get the truck drivers you need.

When It Comes to Driver Jobs We Speak Trucker.

We know how to get the drivers you need. A shortage of qualified drivers has impacted trucking companies across the nation, and TrackFive has the leverage to find you drivers fast. No matter the driver type, route, or location, we’ve got it handled.

Truck Drivers Are In High Demand

  • 80,000 truck driver positions are currently unfilled
  • 160,000+ truck drivers will be in demand by 2030
  • 90% average turnover rate of long-haul truck drivers
  • 25% of the entire driver workforce will reach retirement age in the next decade

The trucking industry moves fast, and qualified truck drivers have their pick of thousands of companies. Don’t fall behind the competition – get in touch with an account executive today to discuss how we can connect you with the most qualified drivers.

Truck Driver Recruiting Resources

Your go-to source for all things truck driver recruiting! Stay up to date with the latest recruitment news, hiring tips, and changes in the trucking industry.

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