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Recruiting top travel allied health professionals is key to guaranteeing the highest-quality care. Their expertise and knowledge alleviate staffing gaps, offering efficient and flexible access to specialized care. Investing in travel allied health professionals means that patients always receive the best possible care without sacrificing resources.

Facing Allied Health Shortages

  • 85% of all healthcare facilities are facing allied health worker shortages
  • 30% of all allied health professionals in 2022 were temporary staff
  • 13% job growth increase for healthcare occupations by 2031
  • 60% of the healthcare workforce is made up of allied health professionals

The job market’s competitive landscape can make finding experienced allied healthcare professionals tricky and time-consuming. Maximize your efforts by connecting with our recruitment team today. We have the expertise and knowledge to connect with the top candidates, making it easy for you to ensure that you’re making the right hire. Get in touch with us to take your recruitment game to the next level.

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