Locum tenens physicians may be a good solution for healthcare facilities with urgent staffing needs.

Leaders In Locum Recruitment

Locum tenens make up a vital part of any medical team, providing temporary cover to alleviate short staffing. With the increasing demand for medical professionals due to population changes, locum recruitment is becoming increasingly important. We understand how critical locum positions are to the success of any healthcare organization. That’s why we offer comprehensive recruiting solutions to help you find and hire the best possible candidates for your needs.

The Physician Shortage Is Real

  • 139,000 physician positions will be unfilled by 2033
  • 30% of physicians’ assistants experienced burnout in 2021
  • 88% of healthcare facilities used locums in 2022
  • 47% of healthcare facilities are currently seeking locums

We know how important it is to find the right candidate for the job. That’s why we provide expert locum recruitment solutions that match you with the most qualified healthcare professionals every time. Our team has years of experience and an extensive network of highly-qualified professionals, so finding your perfect match is easier than ever.

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