Dec 11, 2023 — Allie Barshinger

How to Work Truck Driver Leads in Your ATS

truck driver leads

An applicant tracking system (ATS) can be a crucial resource in truck driver recruiting. You know that sorting through leads can be time-consuming as you want to find the perfect fit.

In this blog, we’ll explore applicant tracking systems and provide a step-by-step guide to integrate your truck driver leads into them. Once your ATS is up and running, you can significantly reduce the time and money spent filtering potential truck drivers.

Understanding Your Truck Driver ATS

truck driver ats

A truck driver ATS is a software application that enables an electronic handling of driver recruitment needs. It collects and stores resumes in a database that hiring professionals can easily access. In addition, they can filter candidates based on the specific criteria that a trucking company is looking for, such as skills or years of experience.

ATSs can also help companies maintain a database of leads and their resumes for future truck driver recruiting opportunities. It saves time on manual tasks and reduces the time to fill open positions.

Acquiring Truck Driver Leads

truck drivers

There are several resources you can utilize for truck driver lead generation. Social media platforms, email marketing, landing pages, online job boards, trucking schools, industry events, digital ads, and referral programs are all great places to recruit truck drivers.

These are a great way to build relationships with truck driver leads. They can also help you hire drivers with the exact skills and experience you seek. The most important step in building an ATS is having a pool of driver leads to sort through.

Integrating Truck Driver Leads Into An ATS

truck driver recruitment

Once you’ve acquired your truck driver leads, you can integrate them into your ATS. This process is important in sorting through driver leads and ensuring they’re the right fit for your trucking company. It’s important to familiarize yourself with your ATS to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Prepare Your Truck Driver Leads

The first step is to prepare your truck driver leads for integration into your ATS. This entails verifying that all acquired leads are ready for integration. To do so, you’ll want to eliminate duplicates and ensure that their contact information is current. In addition, it’s important to categorize leads based on your hiring criteria.

Understand Your ATS Import Capabilities

The next step in the integration process is understanding your ATS import capabilities. Different applicant tracking systems have additional capabilities, so knowing what you’re working with is essential.

These features include bulk import, custom field mapping, and deduplication upon import. You’ll also need to know the data formats it can import and any limitations it may have.

Format Your Leads

Now that you understand your ATS import capabilities, you can format your leads for integration. If leads aren’t in the proper format, you’ll need to convert the files into the correct format. You may also need to organize data into specific fields.

Before importing, ensure you have a backup of your leads in case of any errors during the import process. In addition, you’ll want to identify any potential issues that may occur during import, such as out-of-place data or mismatched fields.

Import The Leads

You’re now ready to import your leads. Depending on your ATS, this could involve uploading a file, copying and pasting data, or manually entering data.

Verify The Import

Once everything is imported, you’ll want to ensure all leads have been correctly integrated into the system. You’ll want to go through a random selection of truck drivers to confirm that they’ve been accurately imported.

Organize and Categorize Your Leads Within the ATS

Now that your leads are in the system, you can organize them for future use. You can organize leads by assigning them to specific recruiters, categorizing them based on qualifications or location, or adding applicable tags.

Implement Follow Up Actions

Finally, you’ll want to implement follow-up actions. This can be through automated emails following up with leads or reminders to ensure that leads are moved through the driver recruitment process. Follow-ups are a great way to increase engagement with potential candidates.

Managing and Nurturing Leads

truck driver ats

Don’t stop at integrating your leads into your applicant tracking system. Once your truck driver candidates are in the system, you’ll want to continue to nurture the relationship. Continued communication and follow-ups are one way to do so.

It’s important to provide truck drivers with current information, whether the status of jobs or changes in the trucking industry. You’ll want to update their information in your ATS just as you keep them updated. Make sure to update their contact details, preferences, or status.

Measuring Success

truck driver leads

You can utilize your ATS to measure your leads’ success and recruitment efforts. Lead conversion rates measure the percentage of acquired leads that become employed truck drivers. Lead engagement rates tell how often drivers open emails, visit your website, and complete job applications.

Other measurements include lead source efficiency and lead quality. Lead source efficiency indicates which source generates the most converted leads, so you’ll know which strategy to use for your business.

Lead quality measures conversion rates and the performance and retention of hired truck drivers. This tells you how successful your leads are with trucking companies.

Managing Truck Driver Leads With ATS

truck driver lead

Understanding the ins and outs of importing your leads into your applicant tracking system can significantly impact the success of your driver recruiting efforts. Ensuring all the information is properly integrated and filtered accordingly allows you to significantly reduce the time and money you spend on driver recruitment.

Your ATS can help you manage and nurture those leads to generate further interest and applications. It can also measure the success of your leads so you know what methods are working and which are not.

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