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Sep 20, 2023 — Allie Barshinger

What is the Best Truck Driver Recruiting Software?

We understand that finding the best candidate can be complex and time-consuming. With the help of truck driver recruiting software, you don’t have to do it alone.

Software can simplify recruiting by offering many features, from job posting to onboarding. Knowing which platforms to use will accelerate the hiring process, matching you with the best drivers out there.

This blog examines key features of some of the leading truck driver recruiting software in the transportation industry and how it can simplify the hiring process.

Features to Look for in Driver Recruiting Software

Truck driver recruitment platforms can aid with many aspects of recruitment, such as sourcing candidates, hiring drivers, or beginning the onboarding process.

To find the perfect combination for you, there are several attributes you should be on the lookout for.

Job Posting Integration

Job Posting Integration

First, look for software that allows you to post job openings across multiple online platforms and job boards simultaneously. This lets you find new drivers you wouldn’t have reached otherwise.

Programs with this capability save time and increase efficiency by eliminating the need to post each job manually on individual websites. In addition, it can attract a diverse pool of applicants.

This approach not only maximizes exposure but also increases the likelihood of finding the best drivers for the job.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Applicant Tracking System

Next, search for a driver recruiting software with an applicant tracking system (ATS). This alleviates the time-consuming job of sorting through a diverse pool of applicants.

Consider programs that provide a centralized system for storing and managing applicant data. This will make it easier to track driver applications, conduct background checks, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Make sure the ATS offers mobile accessibility. Since truck drivers are often on the road, they can communicate with recruiters and apply for jobs despite their location.

Compliance Management

compliance management tools

Finding a driver recruiting platform with compliance management capabilities is the best way to find candidates who meet the regulations set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Compliance management includes a comprehensive record of a driver’s compliance history, such as medical records, Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), and certifications. This feature can be programmed to filter out candidates who don’t meet the necessary legal and safety requirements.

Rather than combing through that often extensive list of candidates, you can utilize this software to sort out those who aren’t compliant. This mitigates risk and allows companies to ensure they adhere to DOT regulations.

Employment Verifications

Employee verififcation documents

Along with compliance management, these programs should have features that help you with the verification process. This includes extensive background checks and tools to manage I-9 documents.

Using employment verification resources aids you in verifying applicants’ work history and background. This way, you’ll hire the most qualified drivers.

Communication Resources

Communication Resource

Whether in the early stages of hiring or already working with a new hire, the platform should include resources that assist you in communicating with drivers. This can entail status notifications that keep both parties updated as to which stage the application is at.

The truck driver recruitment software should also provide messaging features that are available to use on your phone. This will open up complete communication with drivers and connect drivers with each other.

Frequent communication keeps things running quickly and efficiently and adds a personal touch to the hiring process. When everyone talks to each other, this creates a better team.

Onboarding and Training

Onboarding and training tools

Ideally, your software shouldn’t assist in just recruiting but also in onboarding and training.

These programs should include features that assist with orientation, schedule creation, and video conferencing. This allows for easier distribution of onboarding materials, organized training schedules, and virtual training capabilities.

Drivers satisfied with the onboarding process will want to stay with the company. These applications will streamline onboarding and training and allow you to fill empty seats.

Retention Tools

Retention Tools

Finally, search for recruitment software that incorporates retention tools. Features like feedback collection systems and recognition platforms help you to retain more drivers.

Feedback collection systems allow drivers to express concerns and suggestions, while recognition platforms give you the opportunity to celebrate driver’s accomplishments and milestones.

These tools create an engaging and inclusive work environment that drivers would be reluctant to leave.

Use Software to Improve Your Truck Driver Hiring Process

These programs make hiring decisions easier by providing a more efficient framework. It automates time-consuming tasks like sorting through resumes and helping recruiters focus on the most qualified candidates.

Through its job advertisement integration features, these applications expand the reach of job postings, attracting a broad range of potential drivers. Their applicant tracking system allows you to sort through leads, eliminating those who don’t meet requirements and saving time.

In addition, compliance management features ensure that all candidates meet the Department of Transportation’s strict requirements. This can also facilitate employment verification, background checks, and license verification.

Furthermore, it provides communication resources for both you and drivers. This lets both parties be notified in real-time during the application process. In addition, phone messaging will allow drivers to stay connected with each other and work as a team.

It also supports the onboarding and training process, helping new hires smoothly transition into their roles. Lastly, retention capabilities within the platform can help maintain driver commitment.

Overall, each program provides an advantage in recruiting by saving time and allowing you to easily recruit truck drivers. As a recruiter, be on the lookout for such features.

Top Truck Driver Recruiting Software

truck driver recruiting software

To match prospective drivers with the right job and find the best candidates, consider utilizing one of the following recruitment software companies to fill empty seats:


AllTruckJobs simplifies driver recruiting by connecting your jobs with thousands of qualified drivers. Active job seekers have the ability to filter through jobs based on type, location, and more. This means you’ll receive only the top-qualified candidates for your open positions. It’s a win-win.


If you’re looking for a direct leads campaign tailored for you, AdElite can provide these services. AdElite sends candidates exclusively to you and your recruiters, eliminating competition. In addition, you pick and choose your hiring criteria to meet your needs. AdElite will even integrate with ATS systems to send your driver leads directly to recruiters.


Known for its applicant tracking system, Tenstreet aids in efficient talent acquisition. It also includes digital onboarding and safety compliance tools that seamlessly integrate new drivers. Their program includes marketing services such as drip marketing, which sends pre-written messages to potential drivers.


Another software company with applicant tracking, TruckRight, facilitates candidate tracking from application to hire. It also offers job board integration to allow your job postings to be seen on multiple platforms.

TruckRight also provides paperless driver qualifications. This feature lets you pre-qualify candidates and ensure they’re CDL and DOT-compliant. Additionally, online safety training and driver management resources make orientation and engagement easier.


DriverReach optimizes recruiting by increasing the number of full applications you receive. Their mobile-first DOT application reduces application abandonment rates. In addition, it allows you to complete employment verification in minutes. Their software makes it easier to stay in contact with your drivers by providing communication resources through phone, email, or text.


JobDiva offers applicant tracking and onboarding help. Their ATS minimizes the load on the recruiting department by filtering through leads and enriching each resume with data. With specialized searches for specific jobs, you can find the best driver for you.

With encrypted document sharing, they simplify onboarding by allowing the driver to sign documents from wherever they are. In addition, they can perform background checks, complete electronic employment verifications, and manage I-9 documentation.


Synergize is another software company that focuses on document management.  This application gives you the power to receive status notifications as to whether or not a document has been signed. It lets you stay on top of a new hire and ensure they’re on task. The program also ensures that each driver is adhering to compliance regulations.


WorkHound is most notable for its workforce insight capabilities. It features anonymous feedback and communication resources to address any issues a driver may submit. With data-driven insights, you can manage any challenges or problems brought to your attention. While they don’t focus on recruitment, this system will allow you to retain more drivers.


TruckLogics helps carriers manage drivers and allows them to see in real-time at which point the trucks are in the delivery process. In addition, they facilitate communication with drivers allowing them to dispatch drivers and maintain a schedule. This is more useful after you hire drivers than in the recruiting stage.

How to Choose the Right Software for Your Needs

There can be a lot of software companies to choose from, so it is important to select platforms that meet your needs. There are many key features to consider when sorting through recruiting software. Consider which of these features are most important in your recruiting process.

It is also important to read customer reviews or take advantage of any free trials or demos. You’ll want to ensure the software is easy to use and works for your team. Make sure to utilize any information at your disposal when you make your decision.

What are the Needs in the Trucking Industry

Another important factor to consider when selecting software is the needs of the trucking industry. Since this is a highly competitive industry, it is important to consider if the platform will help you track down and keep top talent.

As you know, it’s difficult to maintain an adequate supply of talent given the ongoing driver shortage challenges. Utilizing efficient management systems and considering how to retain experienced drivers can be critical to combat these issues.

In addition, compliance with regulations and following the necessary safety protocols are other important needs in the industry. Adapting recruiting software can help address these needs.

Using Truck Driver Recruitment Software to Simplify the Hiring Process

We get that hiring qualified candidates can be difficult and time-consuming with so many considerations.

If you’re ready to get your jobs in front of the right candidates, we have the perfect platforms for you! Ready to take the next step? Connect with one of our account executives today to get started with or AdElite to get the top-qualified candidates you need!

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