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Aug 15, 2014 — TrackFive

We Are Track5Media

We’re not your everyday, run-of-the-mill media marketing agency. To sum up everything we do in a single industry term or phrase doesn’t quite do us justice. Allow me to introduce you to Track5Media and the core values that map out our road to success.

We are TrackFive

Founded in 2006 as Travel Nurse Source, president Oliver Feakins and co-founder Terry McDermott sought out solutions to help alleviate the national nursing shortage crisis. Nurse recruiters were desperately seeking candidates to fill interim jobs for healthcare facilities experiencing shortages all over the country. This hole in the market allowed for the creation and implementation of Travel Nurse Source–an online job board created to specifically target only qualified nurses interested in the lucrative, adventurous lifestyle of a traveling nurse and connect them with the recruiters who need them. After the successful launch of the first site, the founders identified similar needs in other niche industries and launched their second job board site, Allied Travel Careers.

Vice President Ben Joerg joined the team in 2010 after experiencing the “results” first hand as one of the original clients of Travel Nurse Source. The vision to provide value-based solutions with innovative online technology and creative marketing strategies was clear. The passion to make it happen was present and with a talented team to support them, Track5Media continued to churn out sites like Locum Jobs Online and their most recent and advanced achievement;

The launch of our newest site,, has generated a lot of buzz in the trucking industry which is faced with a critical 30,000 driver shortage. Track5Media has raised the bar in truck driver job search and recruitment with progressive tools and initiatives that seamlessly connect drivers to the jobs they desire. “We are truly passionate about creating innovative solutions to connect quality employment candidates with great employers, regardless of the industry.” says Oliver Feakins, President of Track5Media. “Our goal is to give job seekers direct access to the jobs they want and qualify for and connecting them with the employers who need them. It’s a win for everyone—and the economy.”

Since January 2014, Track5Media has expanded from 3 to 9 team members and we’re just getting started. The ideas continue to flow, the opportunity for growth is truly exciting, and the ability to create solutions that serve a higher purpose is extremely rewarding. The following core values serve as the foundation for this powerhouse team.

Be Remarkable

To be ordinary in the online tech space is simply unacceptable. What sets us apart is our desire to create products that are intuitive, efficient, and supportive of our user’s overall goals. Track5Media identifies problems and aims to find a solution.

Precise Execution

We don’t haphazardly decide to develop a website. Track5Media identifies a problem, assesses the market, and analyzes areas for improvement. Without careful research, planning, and testing we wouldn’t be here today.

Our People Matter Most

Our most valuable asset is our people. We are bright, creative individuals with a shared interest to succeed in various aspects of our life. Track5Media supports individual goals by providing a relaxing environment, challenging projects, encouraging work/life balance, and offering endless opportunities for advancement.

Embrace Change

Falling behind the times is no option in today’s digital world. As new technological resources and trends continue to emerge, Track5Media will always be first in line to evaluate and determine whether they are a good fit for our online brands. We are completely open to making alterations to suit our current markets so that we stay current–or even ahead of the game!

Collaborative Culture

The Track5Media team thrives in a creative, collaborative space. Without the confines of a cubicle, we are able to easily communicate with and learn from each other. Not every job has such an open atmosphere that allows an intern to call over the President of the company from across the office. That’s pretty awesome.

Customer Dedication

The success of Track5Media directly correlates to the success of our clients. We hold our clients in very high regard and will go the extra mile to make their job easier. From one-on-one training to online performance evaluations, our client’s success and happiness is our goal.

Value Relationships

We foster dynamic relationships across a broad spectrum of industries. Each relationship plays an integral part in creating solutions that give our end users the results they want. In other words, if a client or site visitor has a recommendation they believe will make our product better, we are all ears!

Be Innovative

What does it take to stand out from a crowd? We know… and if we don’t, you can be sure we’re going to figure it out! The Track5Media crew is constantly on their toes, not only keeping current with existing trends, but leading the pack with the edgiest and hottest advances before anyone else.

Real People. Real Results. Really.

Our history, our vision, and our values all encompass our mission to meet the needs of our network of recruiters and job seekers. Poised for growth, our team is aggressively launching online solutions in tomorrow’s hottest markets.

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