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Aug 13, 2014 — TrackFive

Twitter Hacks: Baiting Followers

One of the most relevant industries in the internet market is social media. It’s almost as if social status has turned literal, whereas some people’s relevance is actually determined by the amount of likes they receive on a Facebook status or by the number of followers they have on Twitter. No matter how ridiculous or difficult it may be to wrap your head around this era of social media marketing, it is upon us and it is real. So, whether you’re marketing a company brand or yourself personally, it’s important to know how to pull in exactly the audience you desire.

Twitter is one of the most effective ways for carrying out social media marketing because the biggest advantage it has, especially over Facebook, is that the content is unfiltered. Every tweet you send is visible in your follower’s streams and it is actually easier than you think to create a loyal compilation of followers. But, before you jump to generating followers with code cheats or continuously clicking the “Follow” button for hours on end, engage the followers that will help to grow your brand. Attracting relevant followers to your profile is key, so here’s some tips on how to get started!

Top Tips For Increasing Relevant Twitter Followers

Personalize your profile– before you start trying to build an audience, it’s important to build up your profile and allow others to get to know you or you company’s brand. You can add links to your website and other social media outlets in your bio along with the foundations your built off of. Filling out your bio will also allow your profile to be displayed on Twitter’s Suggested Users page, priming you for interested followers. You can also include your Twitter link on your website, blogs, or other social accounts.

Following relevant people– it’s important to not just go click happy and follow every account you come across, especially while trying to build a quality audience. Try to avoid accounts that “follow back,” they typically are spammy and don’t put out quality content. Remember, you want to draw in active followers, not profiles that are willing to follow everyone. If you plan on following a large audience with profile variations, try adding them to a list—it will allow you to categorize profiles by whether they are a client, competitor, brand, etc.

Attracting targeted followers– remember, there are others ways to attract followers other than just clicking “Follow.” You can retweet profiles that post relevant content, optimize your hashtags (#) and make it easier for your profile to be found, reply to someone who has tweeted useful content for you personally or your brand, and ask relevant experts questions about the field. Typically, if a profile notices you have interest in them, chances are they will follow you!

Put out engaging content– it is key to put out content that your followers want to see. Engage in your followers and ask questions, post pictures, provide new and exciting information about your brands, using appropriate hashtags, etc. Remember, you only have 140 characters to get your point across so focus on perfecting how you want to be defined. You must build an enduring presence for your brand so, aim to inspire, educate, and entertain your followers.

Be personable– you don’t want your followers to think that your twitter account is computer generated, so when someone asks you a question or replies to your tweet, make sure to answer them! You can either “favorite” their response, tweet back, or direct message them. Either option you choose, it will make your followers feel special and want to interact with you more often!

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