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Dec 28, 2019 — TrackFive

TrackFive’s Top Five Highlights of 2019

I know, it is cliché. But here we are. The end of another year. And not just any year – a year that actually marks the end of a decade. I only started working at TrackFive three years ago, and in that time the company has seen some major changes, from new leadership positions to opening an office in Florida. It’s an exciting time – we are strengthening the brands we have now by revamping their websites, adding video and podcast media to our marketing strategy, and switching up the way we sell. We’re also looking to the future and thinking about what big brand we can launch next. But, in the midst of all this, I’d like to pause and reflect on 2019. This year, for us, was challenging in a sense. There was a lot of transformation, and it forced all of us to grow both professionally and personally.

The top five highlights of 2019 at TrackFive!

1. We officially rebranded

The biggest thing to happen this year is that we officially rebranded the company and launched our new website. The rebrand allowed us to change our name from Track5Media to TrackFive and better articulate who we are and what we do. As we looked deeper into our company culture, I think this really helped us in more ways than we realized and transformed the way we saw what we do. It forced us to acknowledge where we lack and build on our successes.

2. We celebrated four weddings

At TrackFive, we are like family! This year we got to celebrate four weddings, several engagements, and we are anxiously waiting on a new baby! With most of our employees being in their mid to late twenties, many of us are crossing major milestones like this in our lives. Weddings, babies, and houses! This is one of the most personal highlights of 2019 at TrackFive.

3. We won a small biz award

TrackFive was voted in at #3 in the small business category for Best Places to Work in PA. This was exciting for us, because companies are ranked based on their company culture and the employee benefits they offer, amongst other things. Although we always brag about the awesome things we do here, it was nice to see ourselves recognized in print and hear the announcement out loud.

4. We had fun, new events

As I said above, we brag a lot about having a fun culture. This year we added some new events into the mix like ax throwing. Some other fun things we did this year… several company lunches, potlucks (we like to eat), a trip to Hershey Park, and a few of us even road tripped together to a fellow employee’s wedding in upstate New York.

5. We started some charity work initiatives

The newest initiative we had this year was in our charity work. In years past, each Christmas, we dress up as Santa and his elves and visit local nonprofits. We deliver toys to children in need, read them stories, and share the magic of the holiday with them. This year, we decided to expand our charity work beyond that. Some of us were building houses, others were literally cleaning shit out of dog cages. We actually started a charity committee, and that committee is actively working on some large initiatives in the years to come. As a successful company, we all collectively care about people, animals, and our local community. Therefore, we decided to come together and do something to help out!

These are just a few highlights of 2019 that we can celebrate. They aren’t, however, all the things. There are so many little moments in a year – an intern’s graduation, an employee illness, a spontaneous lunch in the park, a heartfelt elevator conversation on the way into work – that bond us and help us to grow together as a family.

What are some noteworthy highlights of your year? Share with us in the comments below!

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