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Nov 18, 2014 — TrackFive

The Types of Online Marketers You’ll Meet

Now that social media has become such an essential tool in every field, the professionals that have adapted to the new digital market has dispersed in various sub-groups with their own style and unique online presence.

(For instance, we all can agree elderly relatives on Facebook DEFINITELY add a unique “flavor” to your timeline.)

The following are the main categories of digital marketing personalities. Some are more effective than others, but they each have their own special set of skills.

The Types of Online Marketers You’ll Meet

The Number-Nut

Some online-marketers are obsessed with data. This type of marketer absolutely adores testing out email campaigns and evaluating their performance. Key things they look for are the best times of day of sending out email-blasts, best titles to use, and best calls to action. You can usually find a Number-nut operating several different electronic devices at once.

Favorite social media platform: google+

The Picture-Poster

The picture-poster, also known as the E-Artiste, knows that a picture is worth a thousand “likes.” Their favorite past time is sharing visually-appealing images on social media. If you consider the fact that 65% of people are visual learners and that pictures are 53% more likely to get liked than text-posts; they might be on to something. This type of online-marketer can often be seen Instagramming a $6 coffee.

Favorite social media platform: Pinterest

Bewitched by Beta

You can spot a beta-tester out in every office. They probably have Star Wars memorabilia on their desk, for one.  They’re part of the 20% of people that access the internet from over 4 different devices weekly and are Gamestop’s most valuable customer. They are so adapted to new technology that I honestly don’t even know half of the words they use. They really need to start offering foreign language classes in “Beta-tester dialect” for people like me.

Favorite social media platform: Something new we probably haven’t heard of (yet)

The Old-timey Advertiser

This type of online-marketer misses the old days where none of the digital-hoopla was around. YouTube? Nah, the old school type probably hasn’t seen it unless it’s been aired on C-SPAN. They’ll be sure to keep their online presence in the office completely separate from the one they use in their personal lives.

Favorite social media platform: Probably something terribly adorable like Myspace, AOL, or even Friendster. (Awwww, how cute!)

Social Media-holic

In their personal lives, the social media-holic needs a major #intervention. But, in the world of online marketing, their addiction becomes a professional asset. They have accounts on everything from Tumblr to Tinder and are naturals at gaining exposure digitally. However, going to Happy Hour after work with this type of online marketer is a chore; you’ll get checked in on Facebook, tweeted at about the outing, snapped a photo for Instagram with the perfect filter, Snapchatted a quick pic of your glass of chardonnay, and put in a video for Vine.

Favorite social media platform: Facebook

The Deafening Digital Marketer

This type of online marketer will be heard. They have an online presence equivalent of a person running around with a megaphone. They hashtag this, they hashtag that. They text in 50% emojis. They tweet literally everything.

Favorite social media platform: Twitter (and everywhere else they can get heard)

The “Better than YOU” Marketer

Then finally, there’s the breed of online marketer that will basically let you know that they are better at it than you (or at least they think they are.) When their nose isn’t pointed in the air so high it crashes planes, it’s buried deep into analytics.

Favorite social media platform: their own blog, probably

Personally, I fall into several of these groups. Which category do you fall into?

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