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Nov 11, 2014 — TrackFive

The Images Your Company Should be Sharing on Social Media

In some cases, images draw more attention online than videos, text, or audio. Posting the right kinds of pictures can really draw attention to your brand on the web though social media. It’s not just the platforms that thrive on graphics either (like Instagram and Pinterest) that this works for. Photo-sharing on Twitter, Linked-in, and of course good ‘ole Facebook can be the easiest way to spread your page’s name and gain traffic to your site.

The Images Your Company Should be Sharing on Social Media

1. Use original art

The modern person is constantly in a state of “information-overload.” When we’re perpetually scanning the feeds of our social media dashboards, we skim over countless things because a lot of the stuff is just super played-out. The same stuff gets shared all the time and we’ve seen it (or slightly skewed versions of it) before and we just aren’t interested. Making your own images makes a person actually stop to feed their curiosity. In a world of viral-sharing, anything new stands out.

Another advantage of producing your own content art is that you don’t have to worry about possibly fringing on any copyright agreements and you’re not going to reuse the same stock photo 4,589,475,893 other people have used before.

Not a graphic designer? Not a problem. Anyone can make original graphics using PicMonkey or Canva. Plus there are tons of free apps out there that allow you to explore with user-friendly templates that can produce appealing images FAST. You can even produce these on your phone so you can do this away from your desk.

2. Post images consistently

Consistency can reach more of an organic audience. For example, if Nylon Magazine’s Facebook page starts posting at 8 a.m. frequently, avid-readers will not even need to find it organically through their feeds but will instinctively look for your daily posts at 8 a.m. (I know this personally because I am guilty of checking for their 8 a.m. posts because I  am a self-diagnosed internet-junkie and literally check their page almost daily for my 8 a.m. content-fix. Everyone has their vices, don’t judge.)

3. Post pictures that will engage your audience

You can get the audience to participate by posting pictures that pose a question for viewers to want to answer or solve a problem for them. Recently, Lancaster County’s local newspaper posted a question from their Facebook page and simply asked followers what popular chain stores or restaurants they would like brought to our city. It received a lot of feedback because let’s face it, people love to voice their opinion. Getting people involved can really resonate with a huge audience.

4.  Post customer or client photos

Posting photos of real people (i.e. clients or customers) makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside. It shows that your company really cares about their followers. It makes your company look REAL. Plus, when they see the recognition, they are likely to share and promote your brand through all their connections as well. It’s a great way to both show the positive relationships you value with those outside your organization and also just makes your brand almost feel like a FRIEND as opposed to a lifeless entity.  Additionally, if you give a shout-out to someone, they usually return the favor.

And it’s logical if you think about it. If you post pictures of happy customers, potential customers will think they will be happy with you, too!

5. Post pictures of the people who work at your company

Many people are disinterested in brands via social media. A normal person perceives anything posted by a company to Facebook, Twitter, what have you, as a robot or people just peddling free advertising. It isn’t until you can put faces to your brand that people can relate to it. One of our clients is a prime example of using social media in a great way. They frequently post fun staff-photos like when they had a “twin day” in the office and they wore matching outfits or when they all wore their favorite team’s jerseys. It makes your audience feel like they KNOW your company and that your company is basically, just like them.

Side note: similarly, “behind-the-scenes” photos of the workplace work the same way. It’s human nature to be curious and people love to know what goes on beyond the computer screen. It can make your company appear more trustworthy, too.

6. Funny photos

Posting funny photos (so long as their relevant) and not offensive, is a great way to gain attention via social media. It’s a great way to show the personality of your brand and get some shares along the way.

7. Post community images

A good company knows that it’s important to give back. Whether it be donating to a children’s charity or volunteering in the community; sharing the positive values of your brand makes you look good. Not only are you doing the right thing by helping those less fortunate or by contributing to a cause, but it will make the company stand out for outstanding humanitarianism.

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