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Feb 9, 2017 — TrackFive

Spreading the Love: 5 Link Building Tactics

It’s almost that time of year again. Cupid’s little baby body will be slinging arrows left and right as the romantic side in many of us begins to emerge. I personally enjoy Valentine’s Day, and maybe I sound too optimistic, or too much like a hippie, but there’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing people display their love for one another. As a marketer, there’s a great way that you can spread some love this Valentine’s Day (and no I don’t mean sending a creepy bouquet of flowers to your office crush). I’m talking about link building.

This SEO tactic is a great way to drive traffic to your site, build relationships with peers, and generate a higher ranking for specific keywords on the SERP. There are a variety of ways to not only build links, but to build relationships as well, so here are just a few ways you can spread the link love this Valentine’s Day.

5 Important Link Building Tactics

1.     Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way to share your knowledge with peers, while still garnering traffic back to your own site. However, it’s important to know the site you’re writing for, the audience, as well as how to pitch a guest post idea. Make sure that before you start pitching, you have a list of websites that already welcome guest posting. Then, you can either write a piece, and then pitch that to possible websites, or, you can suggest a guest blog topic to see if that’s something they would like covered.

Once accepted, make sure to write an awesome blog post that’s informative and entertaining, and use infographics and other images when necessary. The most important thing to include is links within the text that will direct readers back to your site. Hopefully, the owner of the website will also to include a photo of yourself along with a short bio that will also direct them back towards your site. Not only are you getting a link, but you’re spreading the love by giving free, informative content that will be beneficial for everyone.

2.    Expert Roundups

This link building technique will allow you to put together content with contributions from a variety of different experts in your field. This expert roundup will begin with a topic question, and below the different experts will weigh in on the topic. There are a variety of benefits from this type of link building including the fact that others will be writing the content for you. Your experts can insert links back to their site, and hopefully, they will post a link to your expert roundup. This is a great way to spread the love so you’re both gaining link juice, as well as more viewers on your site.

3.     Broken Links

Another easy way to spread some digital marketing love this Valentine’s Day is to discover broken links. Many websites aren’t aware that they may have links that do not work. An easy way to help them out is to crawl the website using a program that will detect these broken links. Then, you can reach out via email to inform the Webmaster of the broken links and possibly suggest one of your own. This is a great way to help others while hopefully gaining a link in the process.

4.     Resource Pages

Depending on the topic of your website, resource pages can be a great way to build links while providing information to those that need it. For example, if your site primarily focuses on providing information for models, it might be a good idea to look at the resource pages of modeling directories to see if your website would fit. Many schools or other companies will have a review process to go through possible websites to post, and once reviewed, you’ll have a shiny new link to help boost your traffic and page rank. Not only that, but you’ll also be providing important information for those who need it.

5.     Infographics

Infographics are another great link building technique that allows other sites to post valuable information while still giving credit and a link back to your site. A quality infographic can do wonders for your link building initiative. The more the graphic is shared, the more traffic you will see driven to your site. Make sure you’re pitching this to the right websites so you can provide the best information possible to your audience.

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