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Jul 20, 2015 — TrackFive

Simple Ways to Keep Employees Happy and Hardworking

There’s a heartbreaking trend in the American workplace and it continues to grow. A study done by the New York Times showed that more than one-third of working Americans were unhappy and unmotivated at their place of employment. Whether you own a small town business or you’re in charge of a giant corporation in a big city, your employees’ happiness is key to the success and survival of your company. It’s not possible to please every employee, and no matter what efforts you put forth, at the end of the day there will still be a few disgruntled staff members. We’re not saying you need to be on Google’s level and shower your employees in lavish gifts and game rooms, but a few simple changes could keep your dedicated employees happy and hardworking.

Be Mindful.

Nothing is a bigger slap in the face to the employee that has worked his way up in your company for the past 20 years than putting an “outsider” in charge of them. Of course, there are times that this situation is completely appropriate, but the odds are that that employee thinks that they would have been a better suit for the job. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re correct, but value them by providing an explanation. Always communicate with all of your employees, especially about the new staff.

Don’t Ignore the “Little People”.

It’s likely that entry-level employees have hands-on experience with clients every single day; whether they are dealing with them on the phone or responding to e-mails, they get the brunt of it when clients are unhappy. Although, dealing with unhappy clients doesn’t have to be negative. Lower-level employees hear every problem and complaint, and they probably have ideas on how to fix them. Listen to them!

Try Not to Micromanage.

Maybe you just hired a tech-savvy, recent grad to help your company make the move to social media. Don’t forget that you brought them in because they know how to do something you don’t. So standing over their shoulders barking orders is only wasting your time. Trust them. They’ve got this.

Celebrate Progress!

All too often employers only acknowledge the mistakes their employees are making. Although these mistakes should not go unnoticed, try to remember that for every mistake made, they’ve probably done 20 things correctly. It may sound childish but recognizing the good as well as the bad will make your employees feel better about the work they have done, encouraging them to work harder. No one likes to feel bad about themselves.

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