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Oct 11, 2023 — Allie Barshinger

Remote Recruiting-A Game Changer for the Healthcare Industry

Since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the need for remote recruiting in the healthcare industry has greatly increased. But it doesn’t end there. As more and more people want to work remotely, the need for remote solutions will only continue to grow in the coming years.

Being able to schedule meetings with clients regardless of geographical boundaries through digital platforms can greatly improve the travel nursing candidates’ experience.

While performing these processes remotely can make healthcare recruiting easier, it also presents many challenges. This blog will explore these ups and downs and show you how to leverage remote working.

If you want to stay ahead of this trend, then this blog is for you.

The Ease of Remote Recruiting

You get how remote recruiting works, but you may be wondering why you should implement it as a tool to fill an empty position. Let’s take a look at some of the means by which it can streamline healthcare recruiting.

Reach A Broader Scope

Reach More Healthcare Professionals

There are only so many candidates you can reach with traditional recruitment methods. Job seekers often need to come to you, but you can meet them where they’re at with remote healthcare recruiting.

Traditional methods often face geographical restrictions that limit the top talent you reach. With travel nursing, this can be an even larger challenge. With mobile tools, you’ll have access to a larger number of healthcare professionals from all over the country and be able to find the top industry talent you’ve been looking for.

Increase Your Speed and Efficiency

Increased Speed and Efficiency

Since candidates can be pre-screened and applications are easily reviewed, remote healthcare staffing speeds up this process. In addition, you’ll be able to be in constant contact and answer any questions they may have.

You’ll no longer spend time waiting to receive applications, trying to get in contact with candidates, or reviewing applications. This makes it so much easier to fill healthcare positions.

Become More Flexible

Greater Flexibility

Another problem staffing organizations often face with traditional recruitment processes is difficulty scheduling interviews and meetings. As you know, it’s often difficult to arrange a time to meet in person that works for both your and the candidate’s schedules.

With digital platforms, you’ll be able to meet at a more convenient time that doesn’t require either party to travel and take extra time to meet face-to-face. Instead, you can arrange a video conference or a virtual chat to answer any questions. This makes the process more flexible for both parties.

Maximize Your Cost-Effectiveness


Remote healthcare recruiting saves a lot of the costs associated with traveling and physical resources. According to a Global Workplace Analytics study, it saves employers $11,000 per person who no longer has to do business travel.

With the greater flexibility of digital platforms, most meetings can be performed through video conferences. In addition, some of the physical resources, such as paper applications, can be eliminated. The more you move online, the more you save.

Simplify the Job Search

Simplify the Job Search

Finding qualified talent like registered nurses is more difficult with the pandemic increasing the need for professionals. But with the tools remote healthcare recruiting offers, hiring talent becomes much easier.

Utilize Remote Recruiting Tools

If you want to hire top talent, you know how time-consuming it can be to sort through many qualified registered nurses. The services that remote recruiting tools give you access to allow you to pre-screen a candidate and review applications.

In addition, it can improve the job search for medical professionals. Those looking for a career in travel nursing will be able to connect with an organization’s jobs more easily.

With these tools, you’ll be able to quickly connect with top healthcare professionals and assess if a candidate has the necessary education and skills in patient care.

The Challenges of Remote Recruiting

While it can make things a lot easier, I’m sure you’re also familiar with the challenges of remote recruiting. The very elements that make it easier can make it just as difficult. Let’s look at some of the ways it can be more challenging for your healthcare staffing agency:

Communication Barriers

Communication Barriers

Sometimes meeting face-to-face is challenging. It can be hard to arrange a time that is convenient for both you and the candidate to meet. However, digital communication can be just as troublesome.

Communicating through messages or emails can lead to miscommunication or misunderstandings as you miss out on visual cues like body language. Highly qualified candidates may not come across the same way they would face to face.

Connecting with top talent through either method is a double-sided coin. So, it’s important to consider which is better for your needs.

Technological Difficulties

Technological Difficulties

Technology can be great, but it can also be just as difficult. Sometimes it doesn’t work, videos freeze, messages fail to send, or applications can get lost in your ATS. It’s important to utilize multiple methods of communication and be able to adapt to changes.

Assessing Candidates

Assessing Candidates

The communication barriers associated with digital solutions can create a problem when it comes to assessing candidates. Assessing a candidate’s skills, expertise, and work ethic without in-person interaction is difficult. It can be hard to know if they’ll be a cultural fit or provide patients with top-quality patient care.

Using video conferencing may alleviate some of these issues, but retaining in-person meetings at your organization can be helpful.

Legal and Compliance Issues

Legal and Compliance Issues

There are a number of legal and compliance issues that arise with remote recruiting in healthcare staffing. For instance, healthcare recruiters must be mindful of data privacy regulations.

In addition, HIPAA can have implications for remote recruiting in the healthcare industry. For more information on HIPAA and laws related to healthcare information privacy, visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

It’s important to ensure everyone’s information remains safe and protected when trying to fill healthcare positions.

Level Up Your Recruiting Efforts With Remote Work

Remote Work

Healthcare staffing and recruitment are trending toward a more flexible workforce. In order to help your recruiting efforts thrive, consider leveraging remote work to develop your team of healthcare professionals.

Remote employment comes with many benefits that will help your healthcare staffing efforts:

Meet Your Healthcare Staffing Needs

Meet Your Healthcare Staffing Needs

If you’re looking to find talent to fill open positions, but you’re having trouble, consider allowing recruiters to work remotely. With the help of technology, they’ll have instant digital access to recruiting tools, be able to easily communicate with talent, and won’t be confined to geographical boundaries. It’ll be much easier to meet your healthcare staffing needs with the help of remote recruiting.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Workers’ ability to focus is often called into question when it comes to remote jobs. However, according to an Owl Labs study, 79% of remote workers reported increased productivity and focus. It’s much easier for employees to meet their performance and career goals if they’re in an environment where they can thrive.

Increase Job Satisfaction

Increase Job Satisfaction

Many of today’s professionals strive to maintain a work-life balance. Remote workforce solutions allow them to achieve this while remaining dedicated to their job. Recruiters can still deliver their services but will be able to save the time spent traveling to and from their organization.

Make Healthcare Recruiting Possible From Anywhere

Healthcare Recruiting From Anywhere

Finding travel nursing talent can be difficult from a singular location when nurses are located all over the country looking for assignments in all different healthcare facilities. It may be difficult to arrange meetings with a candidate or make hiring decisions from the constraints of the office. By moving to remote work, healthcare organizations may find it easier to meet their staffing needs.

Save Money

Save Money

A lot of time and money is invested in traveling when you operate in person. Your agency will find that you save money on recruiters’ travel costs and resources with remote workers.

Implementing Remote Recruiting in Healthcare Will Help With Your Hiring Needs

The Benefits of Remote Recruiting

The benefits of remote healthcare recruiting cannot be understated. Not only does it help with your hiring needs, but leveraging remote work can also help your healthcare staffing agency thrive. Despite the challenges that come along with it, remote efforts will help you connect with the qualified travel nurses you’re searching for in a digital and remote work world.

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