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Recruiters: Ask These Travel Nurse Interview Questions

travel nurse interview questions

Interviewing potential travel nurses isn’t just another checkbox on a recruiter’s list; it’s the essential step in forming the backbone of patient care and healthcare service. Preparing travel nurse interview questions improves the experience for you and your candidates.

When you’re hiring travel nurses, you’re not just looking for a professional with the right credentials. You’re hunting for someone who embodies the spirit of adaptability, resilience, and a compassionate bedside manner that can resonate even in all professional engagements.

These top 20 travel nurse interview questions are designed to dig deep beyond the resume, ensuring you select candidates who will fit in with your team, excel, and make their mark on each assignment.

General Interview Preparation

going through travel nurse interview questions

Before we jump into the questions, preparation for travel nursing interview questions is critical. A highly-prepared candidate can leave a lasting impression on the travel nurse recruiter or hiring manager and stand out among the competition. Here are a few tips to have the best interview possible:

  • Research the medical facility. Understand the mission, values, and current events of the facility to know what travel nurses best fit their needs before even starting job interviews
  • Have other questions ready if the interview takes an unexpected turn
  • Consider the logistics and commitment of travel nurses. That will help you gauge your candidates and if they are ready or not.

General Questions


These common nursing interview questions look at a travel nurse’s commitment to their role and basic professional values.

They allow the candidate to showcase their soft skills, such as clear communication, problem-solving, and the ability to work under pressure. All attributes are invaluable in a high-stakes work environment.

Answers to travel nurse interview questions tell you, as the recruiter or hiring manager, if they are well-rounded candidates. You will see if they have the technical qualifications and the personal qualities to thrive in diverse settings.

travel nurse interview questions as a group

1. Tell me about yourself.

The “Tell me about yourself” question allows the interviewer better to understand the candidate’s personal and professional background. It opens the floor to talk about and describe experiences and skills not on a resume. Additionally, this question provides insight into the candidate’s communication skills and ability to present themselves and their career goals.

2. What are your greatest strengths as a travel nurse?

This question helps interviewers identify candidates who are self-aware and confident in their abilities to contribute positively to their assignments. It also allows candidates to showcase specific skills and experiences that align with the needs of healthcare facilities.

3. What are your greatest weaknesses as a travel nurse?

This question helps the interviewer gain a sense of the candidate’s self-awareness and ability to address and improve their shortcomings. You may quickly learn that the candidate does not fit the expectations of the facilities for which you are recruiting.

4. What made you want to become a travel nurse?

Asking why a candidate chose travel nursing can reveal their motivations and commitment to the role’s unique challenges and opportunities. This question also helps identify those driven by a passion for diverse experiences and a willingness to adapt to new environments.

5. What qualities do you bring to a travel nursing position?

This question helps identify the unique attributes a candidate contributes to a travel nursing role. It emphasizes the importance of personal aptitudes along with professional skills. It also offers insights into how the nurse perceives themselves as a fit for the dynamic and diverse requirements of the nursing profession.

6. How do you stay updated on best practices in nursing?

Inquiring about how a candidate stays informed on nursing best practices is key. You can determine their commitment to continuous learning and professional development. It also allows the interviewer to gauge the potential employee’s proactive approach to adapting to the evolving world of healthcare professionals. It also reveals a dedication to providing patients with the highest standard of safety.

7. How do you ensure patient care in a short-term role?

Ensuring continuity of care is fundamental in the highly transient role of travel nurses, and this question helps evaluators understand a candidate’s strategies for achieving this within short-term assignments. It also sheds light on their ability to integrate and communicate effectively with existing staff nurses or other registered nurses. It also maintains high standards of patient safety amid frequent transitions.

8. Do you have any questions for me?

This travel nurse interview question serves as a role reversal to encourage the candidate to engage actively in the interview process. They can demonstrate if they are interested in specific facilities and describe what they expect from a placement. Be sure to answer honestly if the candidate asks about what shift or unit you are recruiting for. Your answer may give them the sense that this might not be a fit for them.

Questions About Experience


Now, we’re getting deeper into the substance of nursing interviews. These questions will help you understand a travel nurse’s depth of experience and how it might apply to the travel nursing role.

This will help you narrow things down during the nursing interview. The answers the nurse gives will allow you to figure out what they want and where they might best fit.

9. Where did you receive your training as a travel nurse?

Asking where a candidate received their training as a travel nurse helps an interviewer understand the level of formal education and preparation the candidate has undergone specifically for this unique nursing role. It also provides insights into the quality and relevance of the nursing program in equipping candidates with the skills necessary to excel in the dynamic and challenging environment of travel nursing.

10. What specialty did you pursue in your training? Did you receive certifications?

Travel nurse interview questions like this help the interviewer pinpoint a candidate’s area of expertise and the level of their specialization, which is crucial in matching them with suitable assignments. Furthermore, inquiring about certifications validates the nurse’s competence in their specialty area and reflects their dedication to maintaining high standards of professional practice.

11. How long have you been a travel nurse?

Understanding the duration of a candidate’s experience as a travel nurse allows the interviewer to gauge the depth and breadth of their exposure to diverse healthcare settings and patient care challenges. It also helps assess the nurse’s adaptability and resilience in transitioning between assignments and their ability to integrate into new teams and environments quickly.

12. What documentation systems are you familiar with?

Inquiring about a candidate’s familiarity with different documentation systems shows their ability to adapt to new technological environments. This is a key skill in travel nursing, where each assignment may require learning a new system.

This question also helps assess the nurse’s technical competencies and readiness to ensure accurate and timely patient documentation critical for high-quality patient care.

13. What is the best thing about being a nurse?

Asking candidates about the best thing about being a nurse reveals their passion and motivation for the profession. It allows the interviewer to gauge their level of enthusiasm and commitment, which are crucial traits for facing the unique challenges of travel nursing.

14. What were your duties in your previous position?

This question allows the interviewer to understand the scope of a candidate’s previous roles and responsibilities, highlighting their practical experience in the nursing field. It also provides insights into how the candidate’s skills and experiences align with the needs and expectations of the travel nursing position they are applying for.

15. What can you offer our company as a travel nurse?

Asking candidates what they can offer the company as travel nurses helps the interviewer understand the candidates’ self-perception of their unique contributions and how they align with the company’s goals.

It provides insight into the candidate’s ability to articulate their value proposition, showcasing confidence and a clear understanding of their role in advancing the quality of care and organizational objectives.

Additionally, this may reveal to you as a recruiter or employer if the candidate will be able to handle your nurse-to-patient ratio.

In-Depth Questions

in-depth interview

These questions will dig into your critical thinking, decision-making, and emotional intelligence — essential skills to learn about during a travel nurse interview.

16. What do you do to handle workplace stress?

This question helps interviewers understand a candidate’s coping mechanisms and resilience in high-pressure environments. You will get to see how they handle something as little as a difficult parking situation to a time a coworker disagreed with them. As a recruiter, you can determine if this candidate will be a fit for the unit and patients at a particular hospital.

17. Tell me about a time you had to make a quick decision.

This prompts the candidate to demonstrate their ability to think on their feet and manage unexpected challenges in a healthcare setting. Questions like this also allow you to see on a situational basis whether the candidate has excellent communication skills.

18. How do you find a work-life balance?

During a travel nurse interview, this question can provide insight into how travel nurses maintain their mental and physical health. Nurses work a demanding career. Making sure a new city or facility is a good fit will help you get them to the right hospital. It also ensures they remain effective and compassionate caregivers. You can also find them a job where they expect to be able to take care of their family and still succeed in their practice.

19. What do you do to acclimate to a new assignment quickly?

This question is significant as it helps interviewers identify candidates’ strategies for rapid adjustment and efficient integration into a new healthcare setting, which is essential for travel nursing success.

20. Can you provide an example of a successful patient outcome you contributed to?

This nursing interview question helps interviewers understand a candidate’s direct impact on patients and their ability to achieve tangible, positive outcomes. Common interview questions like this show the nurse’s problem-solving skills that improve a patient’s condition.

Improve the Interview Process

finishing the interview

The travel nursing industry is both highly competitive and incredibly rewarding. Interviews are the vital first step in ensuring that a facility’s standards for patient care and nursing excellence are uniformly met and maintained. Understanding the candidate will also allow for a better onboarding process if the candidate is hired.

By asking these top 20 travel nurse interview questions, recruiters can prepare their assessment to their organization’s specific needs and culture. It ensures they bring on board not just a travel nurse but a valued team member.

Having developed nursing interview questions makes you more likely to fill each travel nursing job with the right candidate.

Take the time to reflect on these questions. Adapt them if needed for your next interview to fit your needs, and use them to help travelers find the right nursing career.

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