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Sep 9, 2014 — TrackFive

Predicting Marketing Trends of 2015

Every marketer wishes they could simply look into a crystal ball and see the next big thing in the marketing and frankly, it can be tiresome to constantly change tactics. But calm down, Miss Cleo! If you investigate expert predictions for the following year as early as nerds like me, you can get a head start on the newest promotional advances before you even pick out a Halloween costume. Sure; I realize that 2015 seems like ages away and you probably are only now getting use to writing “2014” on your checks… but before you know it, we’ll be clanking champagne glasses and already worried about next year’s profits.

That is why I am presenting you some of the hottest theoretical trends that will be the talk of the town in the next year.

Predicting Marketing Trends of 2015

Blog Posts will Focus on Quality as Opposed to Quantity
We all know marketers are modern day publishers. But, instead of focusing our brands’ energies on producing tons of lack-lusting articles; 2015 will unveil a new era for the marketing blog. Marketers are going to be inclined to post things that have their customers in mind. More attention is going to be spent catering to their particular audience and producing quality. Relevance and customer experience are going to be the foundation for our blogging.

Wearable Technology is Going to be the New Thing
As soon as word arose of Google glass, the internet was absolutely BUZZING. It’s definitely going to be the biggest new thing. And, when more people start wearing media on their heads…you can imagine the craziness that will occur in the marketplace. You better get thinking now. Make your marketing strategies synch with the sure-to-be next big thing. Not to mention, there are bound to be similar wearable electronics to compete with these. Within 5 years, these things are going to be everywhere.

Customer Interaction is Going to be Crucial
Consumers are not interested in being “sold.” The modern-day person has enough sense to distinguish between the played-out “sell,sell,sell” techniques and the companies that are customer-oriented. People expect a real-person interaction factor. This is why big companies have such a strong presence on Twitter. They have staff dedicated to personally responding to people. It makes the company feel like a friend and not a faceless entity. When consumers are online, they expect value. Advertising that is a clear push to get people buying things is very frequently ignored. Save your money on those stupid click-ads that no one bothers to click; get real conversations going instead.

Which brings me to the next point….
Companies will be HUMAN
Personalities of the players of companies are going to be showcasing themselves. Employees will be posting individualized posts; funny pictures, behind the scenes videos, quirky articles about the people working with them. It’s going to make audiences relate to the companies and know that people just like them are behind it. No robots or boring, old business executives involved. Make your stand out by showing that your company is DIFFERENT and FUN! The next generation of consumers gets behind brands that they can deem as trustworthy and trendy.

Marketing, Public Relations, and Advertising will be Morphed into One Specialty
In the past marketers, advertisers, and PR professionals were all in their own department. However, in this new age where social media triumphs and is the biggest influencing medium for everything, all these specialties have become their own position. All fascists of the positions will be need to done in one job. That being said; the best marketing professionals are also going to have to be talented in public relations, media trends and business.

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