digital marketing trends for 2020
Oct 7, 2019 — TrackFive

Marketing Trends For 2020

Let’s just get the witty dad joke out of the way. With the new year rapidly approaching, we’re hoping that you’ll be “seeing clearly” in 2020 when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. After you’re done groaning, keep reading, please. It’s no secret that the digital marketing world is constantly changing. Not only do you need to keep up with current trends, but you need to look towards the future in order to keep up. Luckily, we’ve got some amazing marketing trends for 2020 that should be considering. It’s never too early to start looking ahead, so let’s get started!

Marketing Trends For 2020

Chatbots Will Reign

One of the biggest marketing trends for 2020 will be the use of chatbots. Hiring an individual to monitor and communicate with visitors on your website can be expensive, but chatbots save costs by answering questions on your behalf. Chatbots can also provide that personal touch that many of your customers are looking for when they interact with your brand. We’re also seeing a growing number of plug-ins and other services that will make creating a chatbot a breeze. We’re seeing it implemented on company Facebook pages and we’ll continue to see more and more chatbots on websites. We recommend meeting with your marketing team to see if implementing a chatbot is something you should consider.

Voice Will Be Heard

We know you’ve probably read articles on our site about the impact of voice search this year. Not only will voice search be prevalent, but it will most likely be one of the main marketing initiatives for some of the biggest brands. over 25% of adults in the US own a smart speaker like an Amazon Echo or Google Home. In addition, 31% of smartphone users worldwide use voice-activated search, like Siri, at least once a week. Now are you understanding why voice search is one of the hottest marketing trends for 2020? You’ll want to create “search-friendly content” in order to take advantage of this trend. What does that entail? Well, it’s all about the keywords folks. You want to optimize for conversational keywords. Instead of optimizing for “snow tires,” you want to instead optimize for phrases like “what are the best snow tires” and “where can I buy snow tires?”

Video, Video, Video

You might have seen that we’ve started posting our own videos on social media for our brands. This isn’t just a coincidence. Over at TrackFive, 2019 has been the year of video, and that trend will continue into next year. It seems like people are born holding a smartphone in this day and age, which is why it’s crucial to get their attention. According to many studies, the best way to do that is through video. According to one study, live videos on Facebook Live and Instagram Live keep your audience watching three times longer than recorded ones. Whether it’s going live, starting a YouTube channel, or producing recorded videos, this is one of the biggest marketing trends for 2020 that you’ll want to take advantage of.

To go along with this trend, we’re going to see more and more people talking about position zero. Essentially, position zero is the first result on a SERP page that isn’t a direct URL. It’s a rich snippet that will often answer the questions or inquiry that is being asked. We see these when searching for things like “most populated state” or “eggplant parmesan recipe.” Instead of vying for the first result on the SERP, position zero has now become coveted real estate.

Do you have any other trends we should be considering? If so, we want to hear what you’re focusing on in 2020!

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