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May 5, 2016 — TrackFive

Just10: The New and Secure Social Media Site

Last week I finished my 3-part blog series regarding the ad-blocking war between consumers and publishers. This week, I leave publishers alone and instead shift my scope to look at how one company is fighting invasive ads and trackers found on social media. A new social media platform has recently been created due to the rising trend of web users employing ad-blocking, anti-tracking, and anti-cookie software. Canadian privacy advocate Frederick Ghahramani offers users a newly launched, completely ad-free, private social media platform named Just10.

Just10: The New and Secure Social Media Site

A safe space

Launched on a global scale in February of this year, Just10 is a new one-of-a-kind online social experience. Beyond the privacy protection the site offers, (we’ll explore them in just a bit) there are no app pages, no bots, no company profiles, and no suggested brands or pages to follow. Ghahramani wants users to “have a safe space online where they can freely express their ideas and opinions, without fear of being profiled and tracked by advertisers looking to exploit their data, hiring managers looking to profile their personalities or even jealous exes.”

On the Just10 blog, they promise no ads ever. They also boast no tracking, no scraping, no snooping, and no third-party data brokers or analytics. This site is not for brands, companies, or apps. Just10 offers private profiles and will delete everything after 10 days in an effort to protect against hackers and security breaches. Though still in beta, the site says post-beta they will offer full end-to-end encryption. Users do not need to worry about anyone seeing their profile that they do not want to, and they don’t need to worry about their information being used against them by employers, criminals, or hackers.

Quality, not quantity

Another feature that makes Just10 very different than other social media sites, is that their emphasis is for users to maintain closer relationships, not gain followers or friends. For that reason, users are only able to have 10 friends on the site.

To some of us with hundreds or thousands of followers, this can be shocking upon first hearing it. But a study done by the University of Oxford revealed that no matter how many online followers or friends a person has, on average, a person only has 4 real friends.

Like other social media sites, you can share updates and send private messages to a single user. Just10 also offers a Meactions feature. While friends can react to posts using Just10’s own emojis, they can also upload or take pictures of their own face to use as a reaction or Meaction. There are few features as the goal of Just10 is to keep a clean and simple interface for you and your friends or family. While more features are expected to roll out, they want to get to a point where they will no longer need to add new features.

This might be the first kind of secure, ad-less social network, but with any success, it surely won’t be the last. To join Just10, you can sign up online, or download their app available in the App Store, Google Play Store, and BlackBerry World. If you’re tired of ads on social media, online privacy is important to you, and followers are not, give this social network a try, and don’t forget to tell your friends—but only 10!

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