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Pin to Win: How to Use Pinterest for Marketing

Earlier this summer, the premier website for optimistic women who post wedding ideas even when they don’t even have a boyfriend, launched their
business sign-up. Now, companies can use new features like analytics and promoted pins to get the most exposure on the web. It was only a matter of time before paid advertised pins became a thing, so no one was surprised there. But, there’s still a ton of ways that you can use Pinterest—as well as any other social media platform (i.e. Instagram, Tumblr, etc.) to get free advertising. It’s also a great way to disguise your free self-advertising by packaging it to appear to be a cool image that people will want to share.

Pinterest attracts almost 1.5 million unique visitors daily who spend an average of 15 minutes a day according to

Why Pinterest Dominates for Online Marketing Initiatives

1. If you use generic names Google will pick up on the common search phrase. For example, Googling the phrase “cute winter outfits” yielded top results from Pinterest and Tumblr. (Tumblr is another way to get your brand out there for free.)

2. A popular pin can continue to gain traffic for ages. Sure, it may be a lucky and seldom post that starts trending for a long time, but if you are fortunate to get a few “famous” pins going a year you will gain a lot more people to your company.

3. Pinterest connects you to not only your followers or your followers’ followers but theirs as well. 3 degrees of Pinterest Kevin Bacon, y’know? Connect with more people than you could imagine.

Marketing through Pinterest for Dummies

1. Name your page your company’s page so that when you build up a following, you can get maximum exposure. Don’t forget to add your website’s URL and a brief paragraph describing what your brand is.

2. Connect your Pinterest page to all your other accounts. Link to each your other platforms so that you can get the most followers seeing your posts. Add the icons to your Pinterest account so it drives more followers to those as well.

3. Pin frequently. But, do a little at a time—not in bursts. Maybe check out analytics to determine when the most people are viewing your pins and consistently post at those times. (Quick tip: checking your notifications and seeing when you receive the most activity can be a fast way to see when people are typically online.) Just be careful to keep your frequent posts carefully organized by categorizing them neatly. Make sure it makes sense.

4. Network with similar brands with lots of notoriety. Write “@username” in your pins and sometimes you will find that they do the same. Therefore, you gain more traffic to your brand. Also, comment on other people’s posts so others stumble upon you by accident when looking at related content.

5. If you write blogs on your company page, include an image in every post and promote them via pins.

6. Tags are your friends. Tag as many relevant words to get more people to find your page.

7. Make unique boards that people will engage with. Lowes, for example, used topics like “50 projects under $50” and “Chillin’ and Grillin”. Specific topics can draw a crowd. Now wonder nearly 3.6 million people follow them on Pinterest!

8. Stay relevant. When its Christmas time, post festive posts. In summer, post about BBQs. You get my drift. Obviously people will be looking at more posts of the current season that not.

9. Find out who pins your stuff. Go to (including your sites name where it says “yoursitehere”) and see what kinds of pins of yours are popular.

10. Show off your team. Add a personal category to show a behind-the-scenes of your company. Let them know you’re real people with real personalities.

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