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Jun 14, 2023 — Carly Miller

How Rehires Can Help Boost Your Trucking Recruitment Efforts

Rehires are becoming increasingly popular in the trucking industry to save time and money while improving retention rates. Rehired employees can be an incredibly effective tool when it comes to recruitment, as they bring with them a proven track record of success within your organization. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of rehiring truck drivers and how it can enhance your recruitment game.

We’ll also discuss strategies for effectively rehiring employees and creating a positive work culture that encourages driver loyalty. Whether you’re an owner-operator or a large fleet, rehiring may be the missing piece in your recruitment puzzle.

What is Rehiring?

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Rehiring is the process of returning a former employee to an organization they have worked for in the past. It involves reaching out to a former employee who may have left the company for various reasons, such as resigning, being laid off, or even retiring. Companies rehire employees for several reasons, including their familiarity with the organization, previous experience, skills, and talents, and potential fit for current or future positions.

Rehiring former employees or “boomerang employees” is an essential topic in the trucking industry, as it can help address some of the challenges many organizations face. The trucking industry is highly competitive, and there is a constant need for skilled and experienced drivers to fill job vacancies. Rehired employees can act as a solution to meet this demand.

The Benefits of Rehiring Truck Drivers

Rehiring a former employee can be a strategic move for companies in the trucking industry. Here are some of the benefits of rehiring truck drivers.

Reduced Recruitment and Training Costs

Investing in a rehired employee can save companies time and money that would have been spent on the hiring process.

Familiarity With the Company

A rehired employee is familiar with the company’s work environment, policies, and procedures. Unlike new hires, this familiarity significantly reduces their learning curve.

Increased Productivity

Experienced truck drivers who are rehired can quickly resume their duties and learn new skills, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Improved Driver Retention

Rehiring former truck drivers can effectively retain good drivers who left for reasons such as family obligations or personal circumstances.

Enhanced Safety

Experienced truck drivers who are rehired are more likely to have a good safety record and adhere to safety regulations, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Improved Customer Service

Former truck drivers who are rehired can maintain relationships with customers they previously served, enhancing customer service.

Improved Morale

Rehiring an employee can boost morale among existing employees who see that their employer values experienced personnel and seek to retain them.

Improved Worker Relationships

When a former employee returns to the workplace, it can help to enhance relationships with other staff members, building a cohesive team of qualified workers.

Access to a Pool of Experienced Personnel

Companies that rehire truck drivers have access to experienced personnel who can provide insights and suggestions to improve business operations, service, and employment policies.

Strategies to Rehire Truck Drivers

Implementing rehiring strategies can be a game-changer in trucking recruitment efforts. Here are some tips to help you reach your former truck drivers:

Develop and Maintain a Database of Former Employees


Developing and maintaining a comprehensive database of former workers can benefit trucking recruiters looking to rehire former staff members. By keeping track of past employees, recruiters can easily reach out to them when new job openings become available, offering them the opportunity to return to the workplace they previously worked for. This also helps recruiters quickly fill positions, as they already have a group of candidates familiar with the business operations and culture.

Stay in Touch With Former Employees

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Staying in touch with former employees can be an excellent way for trucking recruiters to rehire their former drivers. By maintaining a relationship with these individuals, recruiters can better understand their strengths and career goals, making it easier to match them with the right job opportunities when they arise. Additionally, by keeping in touch with former employees, recruiters can ensure that they remain top of mind, making it more likely that they will consider returning to the business if an appropriate position opens up. Regular communication can also help to build loyalty and trust, which can be instrumental in retaining top talent over time.

Offer Incentives

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Offering incentives can be a powerful tool for trucking recruiters looking to rehire former drivers. By providing attractive benefits and bonuses, companies can entice a former employee to return to their organization. This could include signing bonuses, increased pay or benefits, flexible work arrangements, or other perks that drivers value. Incentives can also help to demonstrate that a recruiter values its employees and is committed to their success. This can improve morale, making it more likely that current drivers will stay with the organization over time.

Utilize Social Media

Social media

By leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, recruiters can connect with former employees and share job openings directly. Social media also provides a way to showcase the culture and highlight the benefits of returning to the organization. Recruiters can use these channels to engage with former employees, share industry news and insights, and build long-term relationships. Additionally, social media allows recruiters to tap into the networks of former employees, potentially allowing them to make new-hire connections.

Provide Training and Career Development Opportunities

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By providing opportunities for professional growth, recruiters can show former employees that they value their skills and are committed to helping them succeed. This can be particularly important in an industry like trucking, where regulations and technology constantly evolve. Offering training on new technologies, safety protocols, and other industry-specific topics can help former drivers stay up-to-date and improve their performance. Additionally, investing in the development of employees can improve retention rates, as individuals are more likely to stay with a company that invests in their success.

Establish Referral Programs

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By encouraging current employees to refer their former colleagues, recruiters can tap into a network of highly qualified and experienced drivers already familiar with the company culture. Referral programs can also incentivize employees to actively recruit top talent, which can improve morale and create a sense of teamwork. Additionally, by rehiring former drivers, you can reduce costs associated with your training and onboarding process and reach a higher retention rate.

Attend Job Fairs

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Attending job fairs can be an effective strategy for trucking recruiters looking to rehire former drivers or connect with new hire candidates. These events provide an opportunity to communicate with many qualified drivers in one location, including former employees who may be interested in returning to the company. Job fairs also offer the opportunity to showcase the company culture and highlight the benefits of returning to the organization, which can be important for attracting former top talent.

Conduct Exit Interviews

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Conducting exit interviews can be a valuable tool for trucking recruiters looking to rehire former drivers. These interviews provide an opportunity to collect information from employees who have left the company, including insights into their reasons for leaving and areas where the company could improve. By listening to these concerns and taking steps to address them, recruiters can increase the likelihood that former employees will consider returning to the organization. Additionally, conducting exit interviews can help to identify areas of strength within the company, which can be leveraged to attract new hires.

How to Develop Your Rehire Policy

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If you’ve decided to invest in rehiring former drivers, it is best practice to create a rehire policy that outlines the rules and eligibility requirements for rehiring an employee. Clearly defining eligibility requirements will make it easier for you to determine if an employee is eligible to be rehired.

Some questions you may want to consider include:

  • Should an employee be eligible for rehire if their termination was caused by being laid off?
  • Should an employee be eligible for rehire if their termination was due to negligence or wrongdoing?
  • Should an employment waiting period exist before an employee is eligible for rehire? One year? Three years?
  • Are there any specific rules a rehired employee must follow upon their employment?
  • Can an employee establish a collective bargaining agreement to renegotiate salaries, hours, etc.?

Invest in Rehires to Enhance Your Recruitment Efforts

Rehiring former employees is an excellent way for trucking recruiters to save time and money while ensuring they have an experienced and qualified workforce. By utilizing rehiring strategies and prioritizing a growth mindset, recruiters can create an environment that encourages loyalty and increases the chances of rehiring former drivers.

Investing in these strategies can help recruiters enhance their efforts while creating a positive work culture that attracts top talent and improves retention rates.

Once implemented, the benefits of rehiring former employees can be far-reaching, from cost savings to increased morale and loyalty. Ultimately, investing in rehires can help trucking recruiters create a successful and thriving workforce.

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