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Nov 29, 2018 — TrackFive

How Animation Adds Value to Content for Our Brands

We recently added motion graphics to our marketing strategy, and the moving images have brought new life to our brands! Although we have dabbled with graphics and videos on social media, we never had an in-house designer to make our ideas look pretty or to produce them in a timely fashion. This year, we hired our first designer on the marketing team. Now, the Track5 family of brands – AllTruckJobs, TravelNurseSource, LocumJobsOnline, and AlliedTravelCareers – are getting an up-do. How animation adds value to our content is something that we’ve been really proud of in the last couple of months. That’s why I thought I’d share with you what we’ve been working on, and maybe even give you a few ideas to work with too!

Three Examples of How Animation Adds Value to Content at Track5

Here are three examples of how animation adds value to content within our family of brands at Track5.

1. It’s a visual way to tell a story

Animation adds value to content because it’s a visual way to tell a story. Often times, this sticks in the viewer’s memory more vividly than simple words on a page. It also engages your audience more, because it’s something that they can watch and appreciate. Sometimes, there are blog ideas we have that just don’t really turn out the way we thought. Maybe there’s just not much to say about the subject to write an entire blog about it. However, it could still be very important. This is when animation can really help because sometimes it’s easier and more interesting to get your point across visually.

For example, we recently made an infographic for our trucking brand, AllTruckJobs. The infographic showed some stats on why veterans make good truck drivers. It also included quotes from a few trucking companies saying why they hire veterans. To go along with the infographic, which is obviously a still visual, we created a short, motion graphic video. The video said essentially the same thing that the infographic says, in fewer words but with music and motion. This was a great attention grabber on social media, and then people who wanted to could click through to view the entire infographic.

2. It breaks up the written content

Motion graphics break up the written content on a page too. Although adding pictures to our content is great, having an animation that we created in-house brings our content to another level. To go back to the AllTruckJobs’ motion graphics that I mentioned above, we put the same video we used on social media into a blog. Having this in the middle of a whole bunch of text about veterans in trucking gives readers a way to interact with what they are learning. In this way, we got multiple uses out of something we created specifically for social media. Although the animation video was pinned to our Facebook and Twitter pages for a few weeks, this blog is evergreen and will keep the video available to our audience for years to come.

3. Animation videos increase your audience reach

By far the biggest benefit to our content that we’ve seen since we started using motion graphic videos, and live video too, is the increase in audience reach on social media. On Facebook and Twitter, specifically, we see an insanely larger amount of reach and engagement from our followers than ever before. This increases not just visits to our pages but shares, getting our brand names more exposure. It works the same way on LinkedIn. In addition, having animation is giving us more incentive to reach new audiences on visual platforms, like Pinterest.

Are you using animation in your marketing? Share with us how animation adds value to content for your brand!

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