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Feb 12, 2016 — TrackFive

Get to Meet Our Fab Four Interns

There have been a ton of exciting changes happening around the Track 5 office this month. We’re getting ready to launch our latest online brand, we were all treated to ‘zenful’ office massages, and with our company growing, we couldn’t be happier to welcome four new interns to the team.

Without further hesitation, I’d like to introduce our new interns:

Amanda graduated from Millersville University in December 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in English. She loves to read constantly and enjoys learning something new that changes her way of thinking. She joined the Track 5 team to learn something different and be exposed to the world of marketing. When she is not working all the time, Amanda loves laughing with her family. Her hobbies include reading, writing, watching Netflix, and sleeping.

Connor is a senior at Millersville majoring in speech communication, with a focus on broadcasting and a minor in entrepreneurship. When he’s not focusing on schoolwork, Connor plays in a local band called Navigator and writes original music for himself and his colleagues. Exploring the outdoors, seeing concerts, and meeting with friends are a few of Connor’s weekend activities—when he’s not inside writing or reading. After college, Connor hopes to start a small business or work for another start-up in the local area. Traveling is also high on his list of future plans, and if this is combined with music, he’ll be happy. For now, Connor is thrilled to work at Track5 as a digital marketing intern and learn the ropes of an exciting, creative company.

Kierstin is a senior at Millersville with the expectation of graduating in May 2016. She is studying business administration with a concentration in marketing and a minor in graphic communications. She has worked in the store of a local orchard, so over the last few years, she has gained an uncommonly large knowledge about cherries, peaches, and apples. While Kierstin is not consumed by work or school, she enjoys cooking, baking, spending time with her fiancé, planning her wedding, and keeping up with rally (motorsport). Kierstin dreams of traveling and loves to hike, time and weather permitting.

Rebecca is joining the Track 5 team from Millersville University as a senior. Studying speech communication with a concentration in public relations, Rebecca hopes to complete her degree in May 2016. During her free time, Rebecca can be found dominating on the field with the Millersville Women’s Rugby Club, and she spends the rest of her days enjoying her friend’s company, going on impromptu adventures, and mentoring younger players on her rugby team.

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