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Aug 30, 2016 — TrackFive

Business of the Year?

This year has been a wild and exciting ride for the company, and things seem to keep getting better. A few weeks ago, we received a letter in the mail carrying some pretty surprising news — Track5Media is a nominee for the Central Penn Business Journal’s Business of the Year award!

When our president, Oliver Feakins broke the news, we were almost in disbelief. After a calm week, the announcement was a shot of pure joy.

For such a small and close-knit company, a nomination like this is really impactful. Although we may be national leaders in the job board industry, we still approach each day looking to improve. Needless to say, we’ll never claim humility because that’s the whole point. Still, it feels great to supplement this past year such a great honor in the region.

And if their Business of the Year nomination wasn’t enough, Oliver recently found out he was also nominated for the CPBJ’s Forty under 40 Award. A good time for Track5Media indeed!

business of the year

Where implementing new ideas and taking risks feels forced process for some, these things remain core values at Track5Media. With our newest brand, Senior Caring the risk is very real — it’s a serious subject for many families and the competition is fierce. Yet, at no point have we ever doubted our ability to bring this vision to life. Through inevitable staff changes, moving to a new office, and learning curves, the momentum is stronger than ever.

Business of the Year — Every Day

In creating this write-up, I really got to thinking about the reasons for these nominations. Two words kept coming to mind: Living innovation. So much of being a digitally-focused company means staying on the edge of the industry. Every day we scour the web for whatever digital nuggets of value we can acquire for the betterment of our clients. That said, we bring that pursuit for innovation to life in every way possible — or rather we live to innovate.

For example, look no further than our in-house massage days, ice-cream outings, and zip-lining team building. I mean come on, we have an actual “fun committee” — how many companies can say that? I mention this because it’s from the working environment that success can sprout. Working in an open office space with open doors and easy communication is second nature at this point, and we don’t take it for granted.

There is a creative vibe flowing throughout Track5Media, even on tired Monday mornings and the lull of a Thursday afternoon. As we prepare to launch our newest site, Senior Caring, we’re looking toward a future of growth in an exciting time.

Whatever happens at the awards ceremony, we know that (as cheesy as it sounds) Track5Media is OUR business of the year past, present, and future.

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