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5 Reasons to Love SEO

It’s almost that time of year again. Hearts and roses will be abundant, and cupid’s little cherubic body will be firing off arrows towards romantics and lovers. Love is truly in the air, and it’s time for me to confess my love for…SEO. That’s right, my love for Google algorithms and long-tail keywords burns hotter than any summer day in Cancun. SEO was my first love (to my girlfriend, if you’re reading this, sorry darling) and it certainly has grown into a mutual love as I’ve learned the ins and outs of this search engine starlet. With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, here are a few reasons to love SEO.

5 Reasons to Love SEO

1. It’s Rewarding

One of the best things about SEO is that you’re able to actually track how you’re doing. Whether it’s building links or using keyword best practices, you’ll be able to see exactly how much your efforts are impacting your website. Various programs will allow you to track the amount of traffic you have coming to your site, and there’s nothing better than seeing that number steadily rise from your efforts.

Another rewarding feeling is when you build links. Link building is another way to generate traffic to your site and is a staple in SEO. Since it often relies on building a relationship with another domain, it’s a great feeling when you’re able to a link from another site.

2. It’s Great Skill To Have

As a journalism major in college, I often was asked “What are you going to do? Don’t you know print is dying?” While it was a very valid question, SEO and marketing became a new outlet for using journalistic skills. Many who get into the SEO field actually come from writing, English, and journalism backgrounds. This new career is bringing many skilled writers into the field, allowing another option for post-graduation employment and providing another great reason to love SEO.

With SEO, I was able to put my writing skills to use, as well as learn the ins and outs of a new career that didn’t even exist a few decades ago.

3. It’s a Growing Field

While SEO is a highly competitive practice, the demand for those who have the skills or are willing to learn the skills is rapidly growing. Almost all major brands that have a website will have a marketing team, and that marketing will almost always have specialists that are adept in SEO. I love SEO because I know that I’m in a field that is in high demand, and the sooner you start digging into the practice, the better.

A way with words will always get you far in SEO. Not only are you communicating with Google algorithms, you’ll be communicating with other humans as well, so backgrounds in communications and public relations are also great skills to have.

4. It’s Never Too Late To Start

Another reason why I love SEO is that it’s never too late to start practicing good SEO techniques. Many assume that the bigger companies will remain at the top of the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) forever. However, a good SEO practitioner can help their site rise through the ranks.

On the other hand, just because you’re at the top today, does not mean that you’ll remain there tomorrow. One of the most exciting aspects of SEO is that it’s a constant practice. You always have room to grow so there’s never a shortage of making connections. Each day is an opportunity to attract more eyes to your website and to grow your brand.

5. Reading!

As an avid bibliophile, there’s never a shortage of new information coming down the pipe. Google is constantly changing how they rank pages and experts across the board are always weighing in and providing helpful tips and tricks for SEO. I love scouring the various blogs and SEO websites to find the latest news and other link-building tips to try out. I love SEO because it becomes a community of those who are trying to grow businesses. These entrepreneurs are boosting each other up so everyone can be successful. There’s never a shortage of information to take in, so those who love reading will surely enjoy an SEO career.

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