Latest Job Board Trends

successful job board practices

Despite contrary popular belief, job boards are not dead. Even though social media sites have been stealing the spot light for a couple of years now, studies show that job boards still remain the most productive source of new hires.

Latest Job Board Trends

According to a CareerXroads study, social media hiring is more hype than reality. Unfortunately for job board administrators, a quarter of the companies that have a contingent workforce have no idea how big it is and companies are turning to social media in order to recruit employees. Producing 24.9 percent of all hires and closely following referrals (27.5%), job boards come in second when compared with top hiring sources overall.

Among successful job boards, Monster (88.9%) and CareerBuilder (85.7 %) came out on top as the leading suppliers of hires. Now, what makes a job board successful you might ask? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best job board practices to help you rack in the applications!

When posting to a job board, we encourage you to share as much information as possible. Typically, the following fields are required:

Usually the fields remaining once the above are completed include pay rate, shift, position type, duration, start date, qualifications summary, and benefits. Job seekers are likely to ask about this information, but whether or not you’d like to share it freely on the job posting is up to you.

Job boards are constantly being updated and flushed out. Typically, job boards will delete postings after two weeks. So, it isn’t a bad idea to make it a habit of posting jobs quite frequently.

These tricks of the job board trade are based on the results of some of our most successful clients like Indeed, Simply Hired, Jobs2Careers, etc.

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