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Win Any Facebook Face-Off with These Helpful Tips!

According to statistics from last month, there are 829 million active daily users on Facebook and with numbers like these, it has quickly risen to the top of the platform for businesses marketing their brands. Utilizing the rise in social media platforms across the board can increase your audience, customer base, and promote your brands literally over night. The industry of marketing is fast pace and quickly changing, and staying on top of social media trends is definitely a priority your business should be following.

Today, everyone is obsessed with the latest trends and being “the first to know” everything and anything– social media definitely keeps people on their toes and is one of the quickest ways to relay information. Therefore, the best way to build a loyal customer base and get your brand circulating is to keep people up to date and connect with your audience on a more personal level.

Helpful Facebook Tips!

Facebook is one of the most important and efficient platforms to partake in, at least right now, and not having one is essentially putting you behind your competitors. To ensure that your business stays ahead, we have compiled some helpful tips in order for you to properly represent and promote your brand and business on Facebook.

Let’s start with creating a Facebook Page. 

The absolute first step in creating a Facebook Page is clicking here. You are given the option of the type of page you are looking to create, for example some of the classifications are Local Business or Place, Brand or Product, Entertainment and Company– obviously select the option that best describes your type business.

During the process you will be asked to fill in information such as the businesses name, address, phone number, etc. After completing that, you will be directed to a Set Up page. Here you will be giving a description and select categories in order to raise your Page rankings in the search engine. Be sure to use those 155 characters wisely to describe your business or brand in the best way possible!

Make sure your Page will win in a Facebook Face-Off.

In order to utilize all the features of Facebook, you need to have more than just a kick-ass profile pic and about me section. That may initially get you noticed, but in order to maintain a successful page you need to keep up with the following:

  • Frequent, quality content- make sure your content isn’t falling through the cracks of Facebook’s News Feed. Your audience most likely has over 300 friends and competing businesses posting daily, so be sure that what you’re putting out is catching their eye. Don’t just post random things, be true to your brand and target audience and give them what they want to see!
  • Engage your audience- create a more personal relationship with those who follow your posts. Ask them questions, ask for their input on something, reply to and “Like” their status’ if they are relevant to your business, creating engaging content will definitely help get your audience talking and excited about your posts.
  • Be eye catching- people on social media love scrolling through News Feeds and looking at pictures, so spice up your page and post some pics–relevant ones of course! Showcase your office space, team, brand, or anything that is relevant to what your business does.
  • Get your followers involved- create contests that are for Facebook users only. Encourage people to “Share” your posts for prizes, anything to further engagement with your customer base is going to put you ahead in the world of social media.

What are you waiting for?

Use these helpful hints and get started on creating your Ultimate Facebook Page! Happy online marketing 🙂

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