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Oct 15, 2015 — TrackFive

Which Animal Personality Matches Your Leadership Style?

A company can only be as successful as its leader. Providing exceptional guidance at the front of the charge is the only way to manage the pack toward victory. However, everyone has their own quirky style when it comes to managing a team. And in many ways, our ways of giving direction to our subordinates actually mirror the behavior of some of our favorite friends in the animal kingdom.

A Squealing Pig

Leaders who are extremely hypersensitive actually share some of the similar personality traits as a squealing pig or twitchy mice. So if your buddy tells you “my boss is so touchy sometimes” they may just have a Squealing Pig as a boss. Although, that thin skin isn’t always their downfall. It can also make for a seriously sympathetic boss.

A Wild Goose

You know that old expression “wild goose chase.” But, it’s actually entirely accurate in describing the way goose leaders take hold of their flock. Birds of this feather seriously flock together in this leadership role. If you’re acting like this type of leader, you are bold and dominant yet can seamlessly get the entire group to work together synergistically. Your underlings are quick to follow in your footsteps and feel secure in your choices and ideas.

An Intimidating Lion

There’s no surprise the king of the jungle is a ferociously fierce delegate. When a boss has a lion-like demeanor, the workers don’t like to test their patience. In many cases, males usually are more likely to be characterized as a lion-style for their management style because they tend to lead by fear instead of cooperation.

A Structured Sheepdog

In low skilled and tedious workplaces, sheepdog leaders are talented in getting their staff back on track through just about any twist and turn the day can throw their way. However, this also is the type of person who micromanages their employees to a fault. Yet they are good at keeping their herd traveling on the right course.

A Swift Eagle

An eagle can fly around the vicinity and pay extra attention to absorbing the whole picture. The eagle leadership style is one of someone who can focus on details while still staying true to the entire scope. A visionary leader yet ultimately an independent soul. This leader also instills the values of working independently and being decisive. Truly a swift and graceful manager.

A Graceful Horse

Much like the goose’s leadership style of both being able to lead the pack and be part of the herd. Horse-style leaders are strong, quick on their feet, and graceful. A horse is a leader than ultimately would desire a simple workday yet can seriously push it hard when push comes to shove.

An Adaptable Chameleon

Easily adaptable, the chameleon can adapt to just about every situation. For employees that need a boss to hold their hand on projects, they can micromanage them. For those who require independence to excel in their work, they respectfully can give them the space they need. Quite often, the chameleon-style is the trademark of a successful leader.

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