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May 20, 2015 — TrackFive Got a Huge Makeover

After almost 10 years, we finally have said adios to Travel Nurse Source‘s old website design. Now we are proud to have officially soft-launched our totally upgraded page earlier today. The site is more user-friendly and has tons more features than the old format.

What’s new with the website?

  • Travel Nursing Agencies Page- For the first time ever, all the companies that work with Travel Nurse Source (and even the companies that don’t) all show which benefits they offer such as free health insurance, free housing, licensing reimbursements (CEUs), guaranteed hours, JCAHO certification, and rental car stipends. This will help nurses make more informed decisions about which travel nurse agency is right for them.
  • Personal Profiles- Healthcare recruiters will be able to create detailed personal pages complete with bios, avatars, ratings, social media links, experience, and reviews. Additionally, nurses will be able to search for recruiters based on those real reviews, ratings, experience, and agency. Finding trusted recruiters is important to travel nurses and now they can “get to know” the people that will be helping them every step of their during their travel assignments.
  • Email Templates for Recruiters- Our clients who use the TNS site now will be able to customize their own email campaigns to nurses. It’s convenient, quick, and super easy to use. Our clients will now be able to promote their jobs to more relevant job seekers than ever!
  • Ability to View Analytics- Now, healthcare staffing agencies will be able to check how their posts are performing. They even can see how many phone calls, referrals, social media likes, and profile views they received. Plus, they can compare their successes on a week-to-week, month-to-month, or year-to-year basis.
  • More Personalization for Company Profiles- Agencies can now make their personal page shine with photos, videos, social media links, reviews of the company, and their recruiters, description, and job postings.
  • More Social Media Connectivity- Companies can add their social accounts right to their profiles so that they can increase their social media presence and connect with more nurses.

What’s the future of the site?

After the soft launch, we have even more goodies to unleash like full hospital reviews, 100+ FAQs, a revamped blog, and more! Stay tuned for more updates.

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