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Dec 28, 2022 — TrackFive

TrackFive Named One of the Best Places to Work in PA

Best Places to Work in PA is an affiliate program of the Best Companies Group, an international organization that ranks companies based on their environment, company culture, success, and benefits.

TrackFive is honored to make this year’s list as one of the Best Places to Work in PA. At TrackFive, we pride ourselves on a positive employee experience, stellar job growth opportunities, and innovative company culture.

Being recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in PA by the Central Penn Business Journal is a business honor that emphasizes TrackFive’s company values and efforts in the recruitment industry.

Best Places to Work in PA Program Information & Requirements

Best Places To Work in PA 2022

The Best Places to Work organization is research-driven, collecting workforce data and industry-specific measurable outcomes to determine company success.

Started in 2004, the Best Places to Work organization uses unique data science in the form of surveys to rank companies properly.

Award Criteria

There are several qualifications a workplace must meet to be considered one of the best companies to work for. Businesses can be public or privately held. For-profit and non-profit companies are eligible, as well as government organizations.

A business must have at least 15 full-time or part-time employees reporting to a Pennsylvania office, while the total number of employees can also include remote workers. All companies must also be in business for one full year to be considered as one of the best companies to work for.

Best Places to Work in PA awards companies in three different size categories: small, medium, and large. Small companies are categorized as companies having 15-99 employees. Medium companies must have 100-249 employees, and large companies must have 250+ employees.

Company Leadership Survey

Each company employer is asked to fill out an Employer Questionnaire, providing information regarding company policies, programs, employee benefits, and inclusion and diversity demographics.

By gaining insight from organizations’ leadership, Best Places to Work can develop a deeper understanding of a company and assess the quality of the employer-employee relationship.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey

Best Places to Work in PA examines a company’s success in the past year and obtains direct input from employees on company culture and environment.

Employees from eligible companies are asked to complete a survey answering questions about their employee experience regarding equity in the workplace, employee benefits, workplace inclusion and diversity, collaboration and flexible work opportunities, quality of workplace relationships, and work-life balance.

By including this form of employee engagement data within the Best Places to Work research, the Best Places to Work organization can receive an inside look into companies’ culture and day-to-day environment.

The data collected from these survey results also allow employers to receive helpful employee feedback. This can provide organizations with insight into employee well-being and enable employers to develop new ideas or create new opportunities to increase future employee satisfaction.

Each employee is surveyed in small and medium organizations, whereas up to 400 employees are randomly selected to complete surveys for large companies.

Best Places to Work in PA 2022

TrackFive Trip

This year’s list featured companies representing PA employees across all industries. TrackFive was recognized in the small company category as the 33rd best place to work in Pennsylvania.

TrackFive celebrated this workplace win at our annual holiday party on December 8th. We are thankful for the Best Companies Group, the Central Penn Business Journal, and most importantly, our stellar employees who recognize TrackFive as a great place to work.

Hilary Reichler, People Operations Manager at TrackFive, spoke on the honor of receiving this recognition.

“It’s an honor to be recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in PA for 2022 and be amongst such a great group of employers. It’s even more fantastic to know that our employees actually enjoy coming to work!” Reichler said.

“We truly value our culture at TrackFive and invest a lot of time and resources into making it what it is today. However, a lot of the credit goes to our employees—ultimately, they are the foundation of this culture.”

More About TrackFive

More About TrackFive

Receiving the Best Places to Work recognition is an exciting reflection of our company values. At TrackFive, we believe in maintaining a lively company environment that motivates our employees while also impacting the recruitment industry.

Company History

In 2007, President Oliver Feakins founded TrackFive to revolutionize the job recruitment industry. Our company began as TravelNurseSource, connecting nursing agencies with top nursing candidates.

As the recruitment industry evolved, our company rebranded as Track5Media to increase client diversity until finally rebranding to TrackFive in 2019.

Since our start, our vision at TrackFive has been to create direct paths that connect employers with top talent across industries. To date, our company has connected over 230,000 employees with industry recruiters.

Over the past 15 years, TrackFive has received numerous industry awards. In 2016, TrackFive was recognized as the business of the year, and President Oliver Feakins received a “40 under 40” award from the Central Penn Business Journal. In 2017, Inc. 5000 recognized TrackFive as one of the fastest-growing companies in America. In 2019, TrackFive was recognized as the 3rd best place to work in PA by the Central Penn Business Journal.

Employee Impact

Since the beginning, TrackFive has been committed to offering high levels of support to our driven team of employees, who work hard every day. We believe that the efforts of our employees and our company values are why our company has continued to grow and succeed.

We pride ourselves on giving our employees a great place to work, meaning we support productive working alongside a healthy work-life balance and offer our workers top-notch benefits.

“TrackFive genuinely believes that its people are its greatest assets, which is why we put so much effort into ensuring a positive experience for our employees when they come to work,” said Reichler. “We’re just extremely lucky to work with such fantastic people.”

As a smaller company, we have the privilege of engaging with our employees in and out of the workforce. As a result, our company is made up of a tight-knit team who holistically supports each other. It is for this reason that our company has been able to make such an impact on the recruitment industry.

Thank You From TrackFive!

TrackFive Employees

To our clients, employees, and Central Penn Business Journal, we thank you for consistently supporting TrackFive and allowing us to make a difference in the recruitment industry.

We are honored to be named one of the best places to work in PA and excited for what the upcoming year will bring.

Interested in working for one of the best companies in PA? Check out our available career opportunities on our open positions page.

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