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Track5Takes: What’s Your Favorite Podcast

It’s about time for another installment of the self-proclaimed “Coolest Series Around” we like to call Track5Takes. Throughout the week, we come across a variety of interesting subjects dealing with marketing, social media, and technology among other things. Our staff often discusses these articles or videos, with each of us forming our own opinions. We’d like to not only inform you about what’s going on in the web-marketing and technological world, but we want to show a little personality by giving our own “takes” on various issues.

Last week, I wrote about marketing using podcasting. With almost a quarter of the population listening to at least one podcast per month, it’s no surprise that many companies are choosing the medium as a marketing tool. In fact, we here at Track5Media are happy to announce that we’ve just debuted our own trucking podcast that will partner with our website, AllTruckJobs.com. The podcast titled BigRigBanter will cover the latest and greatest in the trucking industry and will provide info and entertainment to all truckers nationwide.

So, this got us thinking about which podcasts we prefer to listen to, so below I present Track5Takes: What’s Your Favorite Podcast?

Troy Diffenderfer, Marketing Specialist

I got into the podcasting realm about a few years ago actually. As someone who’s an avid reader, I’m always trying to absorb as much knowledge as I can. A few years after listening to my first podcast, I can admit that I’m a full-fledged podcast junkie. On average, I listen to about six to eight podcasts per week, for a total of about 10 hours. One of my favorite things about podcasts is that I can listen to them at work or while I’m driving home. I feel productive while gaining a vast variety of knowledge from various shows. But enough gushing, you want to know my favorite podcast.

While it is very hard to choose, I’d say that my favorite podcast to currently listen to is Criminal. Episodes are typically about 30 minutes long so they’re easy to digest. Hosted by Phoebe Judge, this podcast looks at various stories in the criminal realm. While you might assume this is just an audio version of something you’d see on Dateline; that’s not the case at all. Take, for example, the most recent episode, “Vanish” where a Judge interviews a variety of people on the best way to fake your own death. Yes, you heard that right; she digs into the best ways to disappear without a trace. So readers, if you don’t hear from me for a while, just assume that I got lost in the wilderness, never to be heard from again.

Sarah Yoder, Marketing Intern

I have multiple favorite podcasts for different moods I’m in, but one that always appeals to me is All Songs Considered. Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton host the show and play new music from emerging artists as well as musical icons. I’m always getting sick of my playlists and wanting new music, but don’t feel like searching on Spotify. I like to believe I’m a person that can listen to almost any genre of music and be fine with it, so it’s a great show for me.

Sometimes I’m in the mood for some completely random music to be thrown at me, but other times I’d like to at least know what’s going on. Each episode title/description includes the names of the artists, so you know what you’re in for. They even have a 24/7 music channel that plays every song that’s ever been featured on the show. It’s especially great for long road trips when you get to the point that you’ve heard the same songs about 9 times each.

Abbie Erickson, Marketing Intern

I’m not one to listen to an extreme amount of Podcasts, but I am one who loves anything pop-culture. Movies, music, TV – you name it, I’ll watch it. So when I found the podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour by NPR, I was in heaven. When I can’t actually plop down and scroll through Netflix or search the internet for the top trending topics, or I find myself on the treadmill, this podcast is a really fun roundtable discussion about all my favorite subjects. The podcast brings in a handful of different speakers to talk about the next big thing or scandal to hit the entertainment industry. It’s also really helpful for staying up-to-date with any current news for trivia night with my friends. 

Connor Smith, Marketing Specialist

I’m not much for podcasts, but one I do like is the Joe Rogan Experience. The show has been running since 2009 and has remained consistent in its approach to bringing cutting edge and fringe thinkers into the same conversation. While it isn’t always the most PG-rated show, Rogan maintains a relatively objective and engaging perspective on the topics presented by his guests. His wide-range of guests also make reach a broad audience. In one week he will have MMA Fighter Dominic Cruz, Actress Whitney Cummings, and renowned scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson all on his show. Overall, the Joe Rogan experience takes full advantage of what podcasts should strive to be, just free-form pseudo-journalistic interviews with an emphasis on curiosity and conversation.

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