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Aug 19, 2016 — TrackFive

Track5Takes: The Death of the Office Dress Code

This is another installment of a series we’d like to call Track5Takes. Throughout the week, we come across a variety of interesting subjects dealing with marketing, social media, and technology among other things. Our staff often discusses these articles or videos, with each of us forming our own opinions. We’d like to not only inform you about what’s going on in the web-marketing and technological world, but we want to show a little personality by giving our own “takes” on various issues.

This week, we came across an article titled, “Why the Office Dress Code is Slowly Dying.” It was brought up during a marketing meeting, and it got many of us thinking about not just our current dress code here at the office (there is none!) as well as previous dress codes we’ve experienced at our former businesses.  

While our office sports a variety of interpretations of the “casual” look, many of us still had similar experiences and opinions on our lax office dress code. We not only recounted our opinions and experiences with dress codes, but we even got a little insight from our Vice President Ben Joerg on what went into implementing the “no dress code” policy.

 Ben Joerg, Vice President

Oliver and I first off have always been into the casual vibe and always felt if we brought employees on why should it be any different for anybody else? We also believe that being in your comfort/casual clothes makes one feel better and hopefully translates to a better workflow for each person every day.  Who wants to wear a tie and be in a formal dress all day? Save that for the weddings – we like to be a trendsetter and also make this a perk that will entice other folks to come and work with us here at Track5Media.

Connor Smith, Marketing Specialist

Until there comes a day when wearing full suits and leather shoes makes sense in the height of summer, I’m thinking the dress code will stay down. For us, at Track5 it makes sense to keep everything so casual since our clients are rarely (if ever) in the office.

Despite this, I usually like to keep it a little GQ just in case — probably to compensate for the dress codes of my previous jobs…

My first summer job like so many other central Pennsylvania teenagers was at Hershey Park as a rides operator. That meant starchy, ill-fitting khaki shorts, and an awkward polo that always seemed to have an irritating tag.

As a reaction to that gig, I took up lifeguarding for a summer with a daily wardrobe of Red Cross certified shorts and a faded bandana to keep my hippy-locks out of my eyes.

At this point, it was clear that standing in the hot sun for hours wasn’t an ideal work environment for me. That led to a series of retail mall jobs at places like Teavana and Clarks. Wearing aprons, as a barista was okay because you kind of feel like a tea wizard, and who can argue with free shoes and a belt from Clarks to tuck your shirt in with?

It’s nice that everyone at Track5 can wear whatever they like; I think it’s a great way for people to communicate who they are by way of appearance. The upbeat vibe would quickly diminish if we were all stuffed into formal wear and that’s not good for anyone!

 Jennifer Gongora, Marketing Intern

I really love this idea of a casual dress code in the workplace. We are all adults who know what’s appropriate. People should be able to wear what makes them feel good, and empowered to take on another workday. And working part-time at Michael Kors, I can attest to the fact that designer brands are becoming much more versatile. That’s actually the essence of the brand, Michael designs specifically for the working professional on the go.

Troy Diffenderfer, Marketing Intern

I was honestly shocked that we had a very lenient dress code in place here at Track5Media. At the time, I was working for a retail clothing store that required you not only to dress in business-casual attire but also to exclusively wear only the company’s clothes. Yes, you heard that right. After making minimum wage, I was “strongly encouraged” to spend that money at the same store I was working at. This hellish paradox meant that I was pouring my income back into the same business for the sole purpose of meeting their dress code.

Needless to say, I was relieved to learn that the office dress code at Track5Media was much more relaxed. Although I still prefer jeans and a dress shirt, it’s nice to know that if I’m late, I can throw on a sweatshirt and baseball cap and not feel judged.

I love that we all have our own interpretation of the word “casual” and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Not only are we comfortable in our clothes, but it also makes us comfortable when interacting with one another. We’re able to show some personality in our work attire and this leads to a great work environment for all of us.

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