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Jun 21, 2016 — TrackFive

Track5Media’s Open House Event

Last Friday the 17th marked Track5Media’s open house showing off the new office space. Friends and family gathered to celebrate our forward charge into 2016, with more “zenergy” than ever before.

After rumors of a cereal bar had leaked through Oliver and Steve’s military-grade secrecy, we knew there was a reason for excitement.

The first unveiling had everyone absolutely gawking at the signature green and orange walls, lined with bright art pieces and a sleek, brushed aluminum company name and logo lighting the front lobby.

A turn to your left revealed the subtle, though intensely relaxing “Zen break-out room,” featuring a stone fountain and an array of butterflies peacefully glued to the walls – but what’s next door you ask? Oh, that’s just Call of Duty lighting up the conference room’s meeting space/ping-pong arena… the site of many important decisions and heated matches.

New Horizons, Same Old Dedication

All leisure aside – and sometimes it’s hard to tell – this open house represented a quantum leap forward in Track5’s evolution. A new office space, along with several new faces makes up only a few of the reasons to be excited about the future. Friday’s event was a chance to reflect on the origins of the company while gearing up for what’s to come.

Between the old space and new, we’ve been working tirelessly to bring to life our shiny new website and brand, Senior Track5Media is stepping up to the plate in an industry with a steadily rising demand, as well as a genuine need for better access to senior care services.

For me, joining the Track5 team as an intern and now as a full-time marketing specialist came at a time of requiring some senior caring of my own. After the passing of my grandfather in mid-January, things started sliding downhill for my grandmother as well, who, on the day of this open house was admitted to the hospital for intense, Alzheimer’s-related hallucinations.

Truly, the ability to find and locate adequate healthcare and services for our growing elderly population is something egregiously overlooked, yet essential to the wellbeing of our society.

Track5Media is the company poised to help thousands of people in every stage of their life. Whether it’s finding an independent living community or skilled nursing care, Senior Caring is here for us all.

While a new website and brand experience is on its way, visitors to the open house were treated to a rundown of one of Track5’s latest, and more secretive projects – something you’ll definitely want to keep an ear to the ground for in the next several months.

With plenty of new prospects on the horizon, Sean Brennan, Track5’s Director of Business Development had this to say about the event:

“The open house represented the entire team’s collective and continuous effort to enable our clients to succeed – with a new contemporary space to represent our future, this highlights Track5’s never-ending drive to use the latest technological strategies in all of our products and services.“

When asked about what excited her most about Track5’s future, fellow marketing specialist, Ekom Enyong commented that,

“We have plans to do some really great things in the near future, and we have such an amazing, dedicated, and talented team to get them done. I get to witness my team working hard around me all day, so it’s just gonna be incredible to watch all of our hard work pay off.”

Winding Down and Gearing Up

After a very warmly received evening, the office finally powered down for the night leaving only the rusty glow of the company name like hot embers to be stirred to a flame come Monday morning…

“Awesomeness happens here.”


However the future plays out, there’s something to be said about a business that constantly races to keep up with its own vision of growth, change, and the biggest and best of things.

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