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Dec 9, 2016 — TrackFive

Track5Media Gives Back For the Holidays

As the temperatures begin to drop outside, things inside the Track5Media office have been heating up. As we prepare to launch our newest project, a senior caring website designed to help find the perfect senior care service for your loved one, we still managed to find time to link up with good ol’ Saint Nick to spread some holiday cheer around the Lancaster area.

The Track5Media Workshop

Luckily, not only are we good at networking with other businesses, we’re also pretty close with Kris Kringle himself. Our team of elves was hard at work earlier this week, building toys and wrapping presidents for children from local organizations like Milagros House, Mom’s House of Lancaster, and Church World Services. Bracelets, stuffed animals, and racecars were just a few of the toys that came out of the workshop. Intent on bringing Christmas cheer to those less fortunate, the Track5media team of elves set out with the man in red to bring joy to as many children as possible.

“Having just joined Track5Media in August, this year was my first experience with the Day of Giving, and boy was it incredible! Not only was every team member of Track5Media glowing throughout the day, but the looks on the faces of the children we gave gifts to is something I’ll never forget,” said Margaret Colebeck, Internet Marketing Manager, and associate elf.

Spreading Cheer

Although Santa may have gotten a little lost on the way, the children were still excited to spend time with Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

“Unfortunately Mrs. Claus made me cut down on the cookies this year, but I knew I needed to stop by Lancaster a little early to spread some Christmas cheer. These kids deserve a very merry Christmas, and luckily I had some friends at Track5Media that were willing to lend a hand,” said Santa.

During the holidays, many families and children can’t afford to have the ideal holiday celebration, so our owner and head elf Oliver Feakins wanted to make sure the Track5Media team gave back to the community.

How You Can Help

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s important to think about the less fortunate. A small gesture during this season can go a long way, so be sure to look into the dozens of non-profits and other organizations that could use your help this year. The holidays are a time of giving, not receiving, and many of these children are just happy to have simple necessities.

“Despite the challenges life has thrown at these children, they still manage to smile and get excited about life. And that, right there, gave me the perspective I needed. It reminded me how much joy can be produced with even the smallest act of kindness,” said Colebeck.

And with a wink and a wave, Santa’s sleigh left the Track5Media building and headed to his next destination as he shouted “Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays!”

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