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Nov 8, 2016 — TrackFive

Track5Media Takes Home Business of the Year Award

As our slogan states, “Awesomeness Happens Here,” and fortunately for us, awesomeness happened at the Central Penn Business Journal’s award ceremony last night. A few months ago we received the news that Track5Media had been chosen as a finalist to win the Business of the Year award in our category. Our awesome team was thrilled at the aspect of receiving the honor, so when we made our way into the Harrisburg Hilton last night, we were quite hopeful.

Our Award

Hard Work Pays Off

Business of the yearThe past few months have been hectic for everyone, and with the holidays rapidly approaching, our team has been putting in extra hours to create the best possible product. To hear our name announced was a great feeling for our team and made all the hard work we’ve been putting in completely worth it.

“Winning was more exciting than I ever could have imagined. Words can’t express how proud I am of our team and of our fearless leader, Oliver Feakins,” said Internet Marketing Manager, Margaret Colebeck.

To see the happiness and pride that Oliver, our president, had towards our team really put into perspective how far we’ve come.

“It felt rewarding to see all of the hard work that everyone puts in to contribute to making for such a great company pay off,” said Kayla Shaffer, Product Manager. “It’s an honor to be nominated in general, but to be recognized out of some of the best is really special and something that I think everyone is really proud of.”

As we passed the award around between our two tables, we weren’t just a group of people working for a company; we were a family. Sharing stories, drinks, and laughs really showed the bond we all have. We didn’t win this award because we made a lot of money. We won it because we created an atmosphere that promoted innovation and pushed each and every one of us to create the best business possible.

Never Stop 

It’s now been about 12 hours since we received the business award, and everyone is back at his or her desk, plugging away at our next big project, Senior Caring. In a few short months, we’ll be launching our most ambitious website yet, Here, users will be able to find the perfect caregiving home or service for their seniors as well as get information on ailments, injuries, and other medical issues.

“I’m excited and hopeful that we have an incredibly successful senior caring launch, and I hope we can open new doors for our clients on both the trucking and healthcare sides,” said Kelsey Herbst, Junior Account Manager.

Despite winning such an awesome award, our team continues to strive to innovate, inspire, and succeed.

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