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Jan 30, 2015 — TrackFive

Track5 Welcomes New Interns!

The Track5Media team is happy to welcome our two latest Spring 2015 interns, Madison Sangrey and Kim Teti!

Madison is a senior at Millersville University of Pennsylvania who will graduate in May 2015 with her BS in Speech Communication with a focus on Public Relations and a minor in journalism. Madison is a talented young woman, full-time fashionista, the life of the party, and a huge hockey fanatic (as well as former junior Olympic player herself.) In the past, Madison has brought her vibrant style into former internships in both fashion and hospitality PR. She hopes to gain skills in both PR and marketing but even has begun feeling passionate about the sales aspect of Track5. In her own words she says, “I am not complicated–I just have depth, I am not cocky–I am confident, and I don’t follow life’s map—I draw my own.”

Originally hailing from West Chester, PA, Kim is another Millersville ’15 student who is anticipating graduation in May. She will be walking away from MU with a degree in administrative business. Formerly, Kim interned with the college and helped them reach new audiences online through fresh marketing and social media campaigns. In her free time, Kim likes to hit the beach (she’s a self-proclaimed beach bum), play with her dog named Ferb, go to live shows of her favorite artists/sports teams and go out for an occasional happy hour drink. Kim hopes that she can put her education and skills to use in the future and learn more about the marketing side of Track5Media. Her ultimate career aspiration is to own her own business on the beach!

We just can’t wait to see these lovely ladies contribute to our goals and add their unique flairs to our initiatives!

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