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Sep 23, 2016 — TrackFive

Top Startups You Need on Your Fantasy Team

It’s that time of year folks. A time where friends are lost and enemies are made. I’m talking about the Dungeons and Dragons for jocks. Fantasy football. Here at Track5, we’ve decided to do things a little differently. Since some of us aren’t the biggest of football fans, we’ve created our own fantasy league, the SFL. The Startup Fantasy League is comprised of the most promising startups of the past few years. Things got very heated during the draft, but here are a few highlights, and key startups for you to keep an eye on in the near future.


A consensus first-round pick, Medium is looking to rival WordPress to become the go-to publishing website. Hell-bent on changing the way people communicate, Medium has become a free-reign outlet for anyone to use including celebrities, athletes, and of course, you and me. The company is so highly touted because of its versatility. Is it a news source? Is it a social media platform? Is it a creative writing forum? The answer is yes – and as more and more creative minds continue to flock to the website, expect Medium to grow larger and larger in the near future.


Created by two former NBC News producers, theSkimm has gone from just another email newsletter to the main source of news for nearly 2 million subscribers and a top startup. Designed for those who need to consume their news on-the-go, theSkimm summarizes articles from major news outlets and gives the option to read the entire article if the reader chooses to. Known for their satirical humor, theSkimm has been popular among college students looking to stay up on current events in between classes. It’s no surprise theSkimm easily cracked the top ten in our Startup Fantasy League.


One of the biggest gambles in this year’s draft was the selection of OTTO, a tech company intent on bringing driverless vehicles into the trucking industry. One of the youngest companies in the draft, OTTO’s inexperience might actually be a blessing in the disguise. Founded by former Google employees, the product was actually introduced on Medium this past January. OTTO states, “At the heart of our vision is the belief that self-driving tech is the key for creating a more sustainable, productive — and above all, safer — transportation future.” This young and ambitious company could either be a draft bust, or one of the most innovative startups in the past decade.

Product Hunt

One of the most talked-about companies to crack our top startups’ list, Product Hunt is a paradise for nerds. According to the company, “It’s a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations. The site allows tech lovers to discuss, browse, and purchase their favorite tech products as Product hunt curates a feed designed specifically for you. Will this draft darling live up to the hype as one of the top startups? Only time will tell.


Arguably the biggest “sleeper” in the draft, Truebill is looking to help you keep track of those pesky subscriptions and other reoccurring charges. One of our top startups, the company uses data mining to figure out which subscriptions and reoccurring charges deemed unnecessary. Still getting charged or the Amazon Prime account you never use? Truebill will catch it. This top startup could save you hundreds, snagging those unwanted charges.

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