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Nov 10, 2015 — TrackFive

Top 5 Reasons to Hire Veterans

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified prospects while looking for new employees; after all, you’re looking for someone with great leadership skills, mixed with the ability to take instruction from authority. Well, look no further, because you’ll find all of these qualities and more in a veteran.

After years of serving our country, it’s often very difficult for veterans to immerse themselves back into day-to-day life, especially when no one seems to be hiring them. Despite having the necessary qualifications (and then some), many employers worry about veterans’ acclimation to the corporate world, along with negative stereotypes. Although more and more big names, like Amazon and JPMorgan Chase & Co., are stepping up to the plate and employing those who have served.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire Veterans

While yes, tomorrow is Veterans Day, the employment of our nation’s veterans should be taken into consideration every day. Veterans have endless unique skills and qualities unmatched by anyone, so to make it easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 reasons you should hire veterans.

Veterans have the ability to work under high stress.

“Efficiency in high-stress and high-pressure situations”: you’ll find this in plenty of job descriptions, and this is an area in which all Vets shine. Quite honestly, most veterans won’t even bat an eye at “typical” high-pressure situations after everything they’ve handled. Not many prospects will surpass a veteran with the ability to gracefully handle extreme stress and pressure in the workplace.

Veterans have incomparable leadership skills.

The ability to take control of a situation, whether in life or the workplace, is a treasured skill, and for veterans, it’s an area of expertise. Whether a vet was a platoon-leader, team leader, or neither, the military provides leadership experience second to none.

Veterans have respect for authority and procedure.

While veterans are great at providing orders, they are also great at taking them. Veterans’ deference to authority is not something they leave behind when they end their service; it’s an admirable strength that sticks with them in the workforce and beyond. You can always count on veterans to follow orders and get things done.

Veterans understand the importance of teamwork.

Teamwork is an important aspect of most careers. No matter what field you work in, all jobs entail teamwork in one way or another. Trained to work as a unit, veterans know all about the importance of working fluently with a team.

Veterans know all about self-sacrifice.

Veterans are conditioned to put themselves on the line to make sure their job is complete. In the workforce, this is taken much less literally, but veterans will still give every task their all to ensure that it’s done properly and efficiently.

Is your business open to hiring veterans? The next time you have an open position, make sure to consider all of the experience and particular skill sets our Nation’s Vets can bring to the table.

Happy Veterans Day from all of us at Track5Media! A special shout out to one of our favorite veterans, Sean Brennan – thanks for all that you do!

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