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Aug 13, 2014 — TrackFive

Tips to Make Your Blog Go From Blah to Bitchin


Everyone and anyone can frolic around all day and complain about how annoying social media is, how it’s taking over the world, and depleting the need for face-to-face communication. But, let’s face it. This day and age we are completely consumed by the recognition and praise we receive when people “favorite” or “like” our thoughts, accomplishments, comments, etc., on social media. It’s our, the commoner’s, way of feeling like celebrity; it’s our guilty pleasure.

Let’s take a look at some stats.

According to social4retail’s Blogconomy infographic:

  • 6.7 million people blog on blogging sites
  • 12 million people blog via social networks
  • 77% of internet users read blogs
  • Blogs generate 126% more leads for small businesses
  • 81% of US consumers trust advice and information from blogs

So, maybe you’re an avid blogger or maybe you’re a businessman—either way, it’s crucial in this industry to be able to write a bitchin’ blog in order to perk up your audiences satisfaction and consumer’s reviews!

Bitchin’ Blog 101

As the parent company to our four babies:

Track5media actively administers each site with daily blogs, providing readers with a whole spectrum of information, from rules and regs to fun recipes! We like to think we know how to entertain our audiences, so we’ve put together some tips to help you write quality content.

  1. Find your focus- who’s your target audience? Be sure you are writing about topics that intrigue your readers. For example, don’t write a blog giving make-up advice to a bunch of dudes—just doesn’t make sense, ya know!?
  2. Link out- this will help your blogs search engine ratings. Whether you’re linking to other blogs, websites containing helpful information, or pasts posts of your own; linking is a great tool for increasing the number of clicks you can pick up in a day (see what I did there).
  3. Post pictures- 99.9% of successful blogs include images in their posts. People love looking at pretty, interesting things. Adding appropriate images to any blog can instantly improve its views and the post is more likely to be shared if an image is included! Remember: pics or it didn’t happen.
  4. Be yourself- every writer has a distinct voice, it’s what sets blogs apart from boring newspaper articles. Your content is what brings your audience in, while your voice captivates them to read more—so don’t be afraid to add some personality into your posts, whether it’s through personal experiences or preferences; let your self be known.
  5. Come up with catchy headlines- unfortunately, if you don’t have a catchy title most likely not many people will bother reading your blog. The headline is like your blog’s advertisement- it can draw readers in or scare them away. Make sure your title is accurate and clever and sexy and everything else appealing. Here’s something to help you write a killer title.
  6. Share- posting your blog to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and anywhere else you can is great advertising. This will make it easier for your friends and other potential readers to find your blog and (hopefully) share it as well!
  7. Keep up with it- give your readers a reason to come back or subscribe to your blog. If you dedicate yourself to posting daily, (let’s be real nobody actually likes a one and done-er), it’s more likely your audience will stick around (as long as you keep the above tips in mind).
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