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Jan 5, 2017 — TrackFive

Social Media Trends For 2017

You’re probably tired of reading all of the predicting 2017 posts that have been plaguing your timeline. The truth is, nobody knows what this year is going to hold. If you told me that the Internet world would mourn over a dead gorilla and that Vine would cease to exist, I’d call you crazy. That being said, we can still do our best to predict some of the social media trends for 2017.

We’ve looked at some of the SEO trends and engagement practices that will emerge this year, as well as some hiring trends that employers will engage in. It’s time to look at something that can’t be avoided; something that integrates its way into our lives on a daily basis. I’m talking about social media. Here’s what social media trends you can expect for 2017 and how your business can use them.

Social Media Trends For 2017

Authentic Video

It’s no secret that video is set to become the biggest way we share via social media. Video is a way to show authenticity and transparency during your marketing campaign. Another key to marketing using video will be the audience. Millennials are the most active video watchers in 2016, and we can expect even more growth this year. With a smartphone in almost every hand, video has become a way to consume news, entertainment, and hopefully, your business plan. Facebook live has already led the way by allowing users to live stream at any moment, with Instagram and Twitter joining the movement. Video will be vital for your social media campaign, so make sure you’re putting out visual content that is informative and entertaining.


What was once a fun way to pass time (and pretend you had friends) has now become integral to customer service for many businesses. Chatbots are a kind of artificial intelligence that can have a conversation with someone. Facebook has integrated them within Facebook Messenger, and businesses are now using them to communicate with customers.

Chatbots have steadily been improving over the last decade, so it’s no surprise that companies are starting to use them to increase customer service. Whether it’s via Twitter, Facebook, or another form of social media, chatbots can be a great way to provide quick and direct customer service for your audience.

Simplicity and Speed

Sadly, every year our attention span decreases, and a number of media increases. So how can we ensure that our marketing campaign not only reaches the audience but keeps their attention long enough to have an impact? The solution is actually pretty easy if executed correctly. Your content should be timely, short, and easy to digest.

There’s a reason that pictures and videos are increasingly more popular than traditional written posts. We process images and video much easier and more quickly than text, so it’s important to incorporate visual media into your campaign. As 2017 approaches, some millennials are taking a step back and reevaluating their social-media usage and determining which platforms they want to participate in and what kind of content they want to consume. That being said, video is here to stay.

Privacy Awareness

One of the most surprising social media trends of 2017 deals with our desire for privacy on social media. Although social media and privacy don’t exactly go hand in hand, millennials and a good amount of other social media users are beginning to become more and more aware of privacy on the Internet.

Millennials also admit that social media generally makes them unhappier, despite the increase in usage. Your marketing campaign should be mindful of privacy when trying to connect with your audience.

These social media trends for 2017 should give you a good idea of what this year will look like. The social media landscape will continue to change, but Track5Media will make sure to keep you in the loop.

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