Securing healthcare recruiting contracts
Feb 22, 2023 — Allie Barshinger

How to Secure Contracts as a New Healthcare Recruiting Agency

Getting started is often the most challenging part of most things in life. Such is the same for launching a healthcare staffing agency. Right off the bat, there are multiple issues to overcome.

So where should you start?

As a new healthcare staffing agency owner, your priority is securing contracts with healthcare clients. You may have hired the best recruiters in the industry, but you’ll get nowhere if they are not closing new business deals and getting you clients.

So, how do healthcare staffing agencies get contracts? To get the ball rolling, consider these tips on how to get new clients and staffing contracts.

Market Your Business

Marketing your business

Marketing a staffing agency can be a tall task. You may want to focus your efforts on marketing to attract the candidates you aim to recruit, but you need to spend equal time engaging the healthcare facilities that will benefit from your services and would be the best clients.

Here are some simple steps to take while marketing your new company.

Understand Your Position in the Market

The importance of positioning cannot be overstated. As a new agency, your goal should not be to compete directly with gigantic healthcare staffing firms. Instead, look inwards to understand what makes your agency stand out from others.

For example, you may want to specialize in filling staffing needs with travel nurses from underrepresented communities. Understanding what sets you apart will help you out when it comes time to show what makes your agency valuable.

Update Your Online Presence

Gone are the days of sticking to traditional marketing mediums. To succeed in the digital world, you must also go digital. Make sure to keep your website up-to-date, as it will be the first impression prospective clients will have of you.

Putting in the work to update your website should differentiate it from other recruiting agencies. Consider investing in search engine optimization and other digital marketing services to help spread the word about your agency and make your website visible to each prospective client.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to prove your agency’s value. By producing high-quality content for potential healthcare facilities, you can show that you understand what hiring managers are looking for and how you can provide the best service possible to them. With the right content, your online brand will build an authoritative presence that will help boost your search rankings, which means Google will display your website over your competitors.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to connect with potential healthcare facilities. Try creating a presence on major platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok. You can stand out by creating content that matches your unique value proposition. For example, you could post stories that support diversity within healthcare settings.

Take the time to build relationships by sharing relevant content with users and providing helpful advice. Who knows, sometimes a single post can be the difference in your marketing strategy.

Network, Network, Network


Marketing your healthcare staffing agency and acquiring new business can become a long and expensive journey. In the meantime, you can do plenty of things to pursue staffing contracts.

One of the most important ways is to network with healthcare professionals. By connecting with existing contacts and building relationships, you can ensure your contract staffing firm gets seen by the right people in the industry.

You can also attend virtual events to get exposure and meet potential clients. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and be creative. You never know who you might meet or what kind of connections you could make.

Whether you run into a hiring manager, other qualified candidates, or someone unrelated to your field, you may find a good relationship that can give you the advantages you need to locate staffing contracts and close new business deals.

Implore your recruiters to spend time networking as well. Their unique personal and business relationships can help expand your networking capabilities.

Competitive Research

Woman conducting competitor research

After spending lots of time networking, you may realize that these connections can only take you so far. The next step is learning from your competition. Check out other contract recruiters’ websites, social media accounts, and other marketing efforts. Stay aware of what your competitors are doing and how they market themselves so you can make sure you stand out in the industry.

Take some time to review the staffing contracts they’ve won and look for customer testimonials. Doing this research can help you understand what it takes to get contracts and what kind of services they’re looking for.

Analyze Job Boards

Online job board

Job boards are a great way to reverse engineer the recruiting process. Have your recruiters look at job postings from popular healthcare staffing agencies and copy snippets from the job description. Next, search for those snippets on the website of the healthcare organization you’re interested in working with.

Additionally, your recruiters could skip this process entirely by searching for direct job postings from these healthcare facilities and going through a traditional cold-calling process.

Make sure they introduce your agency professionally as you’re trying to build relationships with a potential client. Your recruiters should take the time to explain why they should consider using your agency for their hiring needs and what makes you different from other staffing agencies.

Leverage Existing Relationships

Leveraging existing business relationships

Don’t forget to leverage existing client relationships. Have your recruiters reach out to your current clients and ask them for referrals or introductions to other potential clients. Building strong client relationships is crucial to secure contracts. Having someone who can vouch for your services can make all the difference in getting a contract.

Additionally, have your recruiters keep a record of opportunities that may have slipped out of your hands. Remember that times change, and so do needs. A healthcare facility that didn’t need help recruiting a few years ago may now require contract staffing help.

Your recruiters should follow up on these contacts to check up on them and see where they are and what they may need.

Get Started Today

Man excited to get started

Effective marketing, networking, competitive research, analyzing job boards, and leveraging existing clients are essential steps when searching for new clients. With the right combination of effort and creativity, you can succeed in getting contracts for your business.

Remember that it’s not just about finding new clients or winning new business deals; it’s also about building relationships with healthcare professionals. Trust is crucial for them to return to your contract staffing firm.

Now that you have clients whose open positions you need to fill, ensure your recruiters are spending adequate time enlisting a talented pool of travel healthcare professionals to pair with these assignments. If your recruiters struggle to find suitable candidates, or to meet quotas, consider working with a travel nursing, allied travel, or locum tenens job board to quickly find qualified candidates for your new contracts.

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  1. Ophelia Hyde says

    Thank you for sharing all these important tips. I am on all my social media platforms and I have been connecting with my former managers from group homes and have also been going door to door to introduce myself and my agency. Is there anything else that I am lacking?

    • Carly Miller says

      Hi Ophelia! Sounds like you’re off to a great start! You can try out some other tips like investing in SEO for your site or attending virtual networking events. If you need any extra recruitment marketing help, get in contact with us! Thanks for reading.

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