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Feb 9, 2018 — TrackFive

Retaining Top Talent in 2018 | Five Strategies

It’s 2018 and business as usual — but that depends if top employees are committed for the long term. Things running smoothly quickly fall apart when a top employee decides to leave, even with two-weeks notice. If your company is growing, it’s important to be fielding for new employees constantly. This is particularly true for professions allowing remote employment, such as web development. Here we’ll talk about some ways employers are retaining top talent in 2018 and beyond!

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Five Ways Companies are Retaining Top Talent in 2018

1. Set Expectations

When you finally land that “rockstar” candidate, you need to ensure they are fully content with what they’re getting into. Being able to set clear expectations from the very start means there’s no question of how they can hit the ground running. Working in a tech-heavy company like Track5Media sometimes means wearing many hats, so establishing that wardrobe ahead of time is key. At the same time, layout ways they can grow and advance. If someone has a clear idea of their role and the things they can accomplish, they’ll hopefully stay on board to see it come to fruition!

2. Maintain Supervision

Once the expectations have been set, it comes down to solid managerial skills. Allowing someone to get right to work without a hitch helps new employees settle into their roles. This also plays heavily into someone’s long-term retention. If workers aren’t keeping the right pace or they are moving along briskly, managers need to respond accordingly. Really, it’s about keeping that ebb-and-flow for departments which helps employees settle into their roles over time.

3. Be Open to Suggestions

New employees bring fresh perspectives, seeing things that others miss. Although they may have joined in recently, staying open to employee suggestions creates a culture of participation. Retaining top talent in 2018 means connecting people beyond the daily activities of the job. It also means listening and responding to what employees think and feel in terms of internal decisions. Sure, not every suggestion is realistic, but sometimes it’s the consideration that really matters.

4. Emphasize Skills

Retaining top talent in 2018 also means playing to someone’s skill set. If particularly employees thrive in one part of the business, see what ways their interest can be cultivated. There’s no better way to lose employees than by fitting them into a box they never signed up for. This goes along with setting expectations, although it centers heavily on managerial observations and suggestions as well. Try to bring out the best in someone, no matter what their job description requires. Additionally, consider how an employee can grow and advance their skills for years to come. The return on investment will be worth it! Similarly, if someone is not excelling as much as they could be, ask them what ways the company can better utilize their time. It’s all about having those productive conversations!

5. Maintain Fair Treatment

While someone is coming aboard and settling in, it’s important to help them feel like a part of the team. Seniority certainly has its functions, although treating new employees with the same respect helps them stay aboard. Should they decide to remain on the team, they’ll have the prerogative to treat future hires with decency as well. There’s nothing that breeds contempt and disgruntled employees faster than favoritism and preferential treatment — even if it’s deserved! The same goes for employees who have been with the company for a long time. If someone new comes aboard and starts reaping benefits never before offered, that’s a quick way to degrade relationships.

Overall, retaining top talent in 2018 is about hitting the basics mentioned above. What are some other ways your company keeps rockstar professionals in it to win it? Let us know in the comments below!

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