how to make the best use of job boards
Sep 2, 2014 — TrackFive

Put Your Job Boards to Good Use

Job recruiters have the sometimes difficult task of finding people to fill open spots as quickly as possible. Sometimes, filling the spots are easy because so many people are competing for jobs. Other times, finding qualified candidates can be a far more burdensome endeavor, depending on the market. For example, some industries (like truck driving and nursing) face employment shortages therefore getting qualified personal with related past experience is a tough task. This is when desperate recruiters need to use all tools necessary to be able to draw the attention of potential job candidates.

Put Your Job Boards to Good Use

…And this is when job boards come in. Job boards are those handy middle-men that draw in a crowd to your postings. But, like anything else good in the world, using job boards comes with some sort of fee. And although its an excellent way to draw traffic to your particular jobs, it’s not a full advantage to job recruiters unless they know how to use them properly. This is why I am presenting some of the tips I’ve learned in the job-board industry.

1) Choose the best boards

Any old schmuck can tell you their job board is the best in the game. But if everyone’s saying it, that means 99% of them are clearly NOT. It is important to put your best interest ahead by researching before signing on with a website. A good indicator of a promising job board is a company that has an active account management team that actually helps you. Having the positive support as a customer allows you to ask all the questions you might have such as, “how much site traffic do you get?” and other statistics that might help you get an idea of the best functions for your particular interests.

2) Make your job easily found

Job boards all rank their job listings differently. Be sure to ask the job board’s account manager how they list them whether it be by key word density or by date, etc. When making a title for your posting keep in mind the things people will look for most; job title, location and salary. A lot of job seekers also will be signed for job alerts based on these factors. Pay attention to the criteria your job boards use in ranking order for your postings so you get as many eyes on your jobs as possible!

3) Use the best wording possible in your postings

Often times a good job board will be able to answer your questions about what words resonate better with audiences so if you’re not sure which “lingo” is the best in the biz..just ask. For example, if you’re hiring for a particular job that calls itself a different title than usual; use a more generally known word. This will have more likelihood of being seen by search engine pickups. Also, be very in your job description but don’t be too wordy. Find the perfect balance of describing what you’re looking for so you don’t get stuck with a trillion unqualified leads and don’t write so much that its too boring for people to bother reading. Perfecting postings so that they are attention-grabbing, unique, brief and still informative is an art.

4)  Keep engaged with the account management

Even after you’ve been a job board for a while, it can feel like your work is done. Don’t do that. There’s always room for improvement. Make sure you are checking in to make sure that everything is still going smoothly. If you’re getting 90% bad leads, you need to make a phone call and figure out what is going on. Take an active role in ensuring the success with your postings. Be sure to keep track of your applications received monthly. If you start to receive less, you want to ask the job board representative what can be done to improve it. It may be that you are making errors on your end that could easily be fixed. But, you never know if you don’t investigate!

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