new year's resolutions for track5media
Dec 27, 2016 — TrackFive

New Year’s Resolutions For Track5Media

2016 has certainly been a whirlwind year for us here at Track5Media. New projects, honors, staff members, and accomplishments are just a few things that have highlighted this past year, but now it’s time to look towards the future. We’d like to continue growing all our sites, including our newest project, as well as continue to grow the company and give back to the community as much as we can. While we don’t have any specific goals for 2017, we can promise that we’ll strive to be a company that provides great service, gives back to the community and creates awesomeness.

We all strive to better ourselves here at Track5, so it was about time we thought about 2017 and what we wanted to accomplish in the upcoming year. Some of us opted for the traditional New Year’s Resolutions focused on health and virtue, while others decided to think of a particular hobby or interest they’d like to focus on. Here’s what our staff is looking to accomplish in 2017.

Track5Media’s New Year’s Resolutions

Erica Lenhoff, Account Manager

My New Year’s resolution is to learn or try something new. I’ve always wanted to learn to knit and I’ll be signing up for some dev 101 courses – coding is a fascination of mine.

Oliver Feakins, President/ Partner

My resolution would be to strive to be healthy, learn more and finish my private pilot’s license.

Troy Diffenderfer, Marketing Intern

I would like to spend more time on hobbies that help me grow as a person. Instead of spending free-time binging every Netflix show possible, I’d like to focus on becoming a better guitar player, reading, or learning more about SEO and internet marketing.

Margaret Colebeck, Internet Marketing Manager

Next year, I hope to continue to push myself outside of my comfort zone, educate myself more on issues that are important to me, and spend more time living experiences in person instead of wasting my time online watching others live theirs.

Ben Joerg, Vice President/ Partner

My goal for 2017 would be to become a better bass player.

Connor Smith, Digital Marketing Specialist

My New Year’s resolution is to throw off the conceptual prison of altering my undesirable behaviors in relation to arbitrary markers of time, while instead working to do so on a daily basis. Or, maybe just to continue with 2016’s resolution which was to eat more brisket sandwiches – either way, works.

Kelsey Herbst, Junior Account Manager

I have a few New year’s resolutions that I’d like to focus on for 2017. I would like to spend more time outside with my puppy by hiking and going for long walks. I’d also like to read more and I just joined a virtual book club with some friends so I’d say I’m off to a good start.

Ekom Enyong, Digital Marketing Specialist

My New Years resolution is to travel, spend more time with my siblings, and drink more water.

Kayla Shaffer, Product Manager

I’d say my New Year’s resolution would be to exercise more ( cliche I know) and spend more time with my family.

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