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Oct 8, 2014 — TrackFive

Missed Opportunities: Mistakes Job Seekers Make in Job Boards

Finding a great job is the American dream. But, it is not easy. Sorry to shatter your dreams, but even finding a decent job is extremely difficult. The best thing anyone actively seeking employment can do is utilize job boards and their easy filtration and application processes in order to cover as much ground as possible! However, in our busy lives; some are making mad dashes to find time to use job boards and therefore; common novice-mistakes occur.

Common Job-seeker Job Board Mistakes

  • Incorrectly filling out applications. Life is stressful. The life of a job-seeker is even more stressful. Spending countless hours browsing jobs on a screen can be tiring and cause silly errors to occur. One thing I can not reiterate enough is how much attention needs to be paid in order to ensure there are no mistakes in applications before clicking “submit.” With some online application processes, once it’s submitted, it can’t easily be edited. This can really harm your chances of ever hearing back about the position. If it contains spelling mistakes or any wrong information an employer will most likely just disregard your name and move on to the next person. Employers don’t have time for mistakes and only want to hire people that will take their job seriously. It is extremely unprofessional to make mistakes during your first impression, which begins with your application. Also, if you forget to mention all your relevant qualifications it may jeopardize your chance of potential employers noticing you. Double-check everything before submitting!
  • Not bothering to set-up job alerts. A lot of people miss out on easy to set features that save a lot of time. By simply taking a minute to set up job alerts on job boards can allow you to be notified of all relevant job openings that you may be interested in. This saves so much time and gives you an upper-hand because you get to see the jobs right as they are posted. For busy people actively looking for a new job, alerts are the most convenient way to keep in the loop. And once you find a job, you can simply cancel the alerts so you won’t be bothered in the future.
  • Not applying quick enough. Job board users need to realize that job postings are usually quickly updated. Also, a lot of job boards have time-limits on their job posts so they get deleted often. Honestly, a job could be “live” one minute and vanish the next. A smart job-seeker knows that as soon as they come across a position they are interested in on a job board, they must apply post haste.
  • Not asking questions. If you are experiencing technical difficulties when trying to apply or search for jobs on a job board site, you should let someone know. Find a contact number for the job board and call them. If you don’t make moves to proactively go after your dream job, no one is going to do it for you. Job boards will assist you and will actually thank you for bringing up any bugs their website has. Even if you don’t feel comfortable calling, these days you can turn to their social media or “ask” forms to get in touch with someone who will be happy to help.
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