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Marketing Through Podcasting

It’s no secret that podcasts have exploded onto the media scene within the last few decades. Whether you’re listening to an intense criminal investigation on Serial or learning how some of the biggest businesses got off the ground on Start-Up, podcasts have quickly invaded the mainstream and have become another great platform for many. Marketing through podcasting is an emerging tactic that certainly should be considered.

So how exactly does this help marketers again? Well, many companies are using podcasts as another marketing tool to reach their audience. Take, for example, our website AllTruckJobs.com. Our research showed that many truckers would listen to podcasts on the road, so we decided to create our very own trucking podcast called BigRigBanter. Not only are we providing stellar information for our listeners, but we’re also subtly marketing our services as well. Below, I’ll explain exactly how much podcasting is growing, as well as how marketers can take advantage of the emerging medium.

Why Marketing Through Podcasting?

The Emerging Market

Although podcasting has been around for about 30 or so years, it’s only really begun to explode onto the scene in the last decade. With a smartphone in every hand and Internet accessibility almost everywhere, podcasts can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Just in the last year, the number of podcast listeners has grown to 51 million, which are 26% more listeners than the previous year. This is exactly why it might be a good idea to put some skin in the podcasting game.


Marketing through podcasting is also a great way to reach those who are constantly on the go. Other than radio, podcasting is a great way to reach those who might be at their desk at work AND those who might be traveling the road. With 64% percent of listeners preferring to enjoy podcasts on their mobile devices, this can be a great way to reach an audience that you may have forgotten about.

Brand Exposure

A podcast is also a great way to subtly let your audience know exactly why they should be taking advantage of your brand. It allows you to start a conversation with the listener and to let them know about your services and/or products. Using interviews, it will also allow you to network and interact with those who are in the same industry.


Another great reason you’ll want to look into podcasting is that it’s a relatively cheap marketing strategy. Podcasts tend to be more affordable than other marketing strategies because they’re easy to create. Computer, microphone, speaker, and interesting topic and you have yourself a great podcast and marketing tool. It’s also possible to get sponsors for your podcasts so make sure to explore all possible funding options.

Easy Distribution

Marketing through podcasting is also very convenient because it’s one of the easiest mediums to distribute. In a matter of minutes, you can post your podcast online and have it reach listeners across the globe. Whether it’s in the car, on a plane, or relaxing at home, your podcast can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere. You can place it directly on your business’ website, or have listeners download it.

It’s What’s “Hip”

Many businesses will struggle to keep up with the times, and we’ve all heard horror stories of companies who have tried way too hard to seem young and hip. Luckily, marketing through podcasting will allow you to join in on a growing medium while still carving out your own niche that will attract the audience you desire. If done correctly, marketing through podcasting can take your company to the next level.

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