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Dec 15, 2014 — TrackFive

Making Social Media Marketing Festive for the Holidays

Making Social Media Marketing Festive

Instead of firing up the old yuletide log, people are just logging (online.) The key to the season for marketers is making their social-media able to grab the holiday attention of online users. It’s a mad dash to gain traffic against such fierce competition so this time of year is more important than ever to capitalize on creative social campaigns.  People no longer want to deal with the crowded mess of holiday shopping and are more likely than ever to make consumer decisions based on what they’re seeing on social media.

Deck Your Social Media Walls

Use your multiple social channels to share content that will get people feeling all cozy inside. The brands with the most successful posts are ones that keep timely with perfectly timed and engaging seasonal content. Getting your pages in the spirit will get your audience to be more attentive to themed-posts.

Know When Your Target Audience is Sleeping, Know When They’re Awake

If you’re like the nearly 70% of marketers who will be spending more on online ads this year than last, you need to make sure to find the best times to get things posted. Try to find out when the peaks of visits your audience makes are, and make sure to be posting then. This varies between what demographic you want to reach. For example, if you’re trying to get the attention of college students; many of them will be free during the day since they are off school during this time of the year. However, most other audiences typically will be checking before and after work mostly and be more likely to engage with social postings.

Additionally, focusing on real-time audiences is important during the season. In order to prioritize your time, stray away from doing tons of organic e-commerce and allow this time of year to do some pre-planned email blasts. And, again, this time of year is a crucial time to embrace a festive style in those emails.

Post to Each Social Page Outlet, with Care

Although you should be posting the same kinds of things to every one of your pages, you need to make sure to tailor them uniquely for the tastes of each platform. For example, although you might put the same image on 4 different social sites, the use of language will need to be tweaked to suit each one. 92% of marketers say they will mostly use ad-spend on Facebook this holiday season; however, unlike previous years…73% of marketers believe that Instagram will be the hottest boat to jump on in the sea of sites.

Come All Ye Viral

If you want to try your luck at getting content to go viral, the holidays are a wonderful time to do it. You can make your own holiday song parody for YouTube or come up with fun holiday sweepstakes that could potentially get shared all over the place!

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