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Lessons in Marketing from Westeros

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past seven years, you’ve definitely heard of Game of Thrones. This award-winning show comes back each season with a rockstar lineup of episodes. And their millions of dedicated fans come back each week to see who’s closer to sitting on the iron throne. But one aspect of the show that fans relate to the most is how it mimics human nature. And if there’s one thing all marketers should understand, it’s just that – human nature. How do you market to people, if you don’t understand them? Marketers could learn a few lessons in marketing strategy by watching (and rewatching) this addictive HBO show.

Luckily, we are here to assist you in understanding the show. We have binged the show and picked up on some popular themes you can apply to your overall marketing strategy.

Brace Yourself: Marketing Lessons are Coming

If there’s one thing Game of Thrones (or as the cool kids call it – GoT) knows how to do, it’s how to keep people coming back to them every year. And isn’t that what marketers want to do for their company? Businesses want to build a base of loyal clients and the like that continue using them. So why not take some lessons in marketing from the best? Here are some tips even Jon Snow would know a little something about:

Winter is Coming

Okay, so winter is technically over, but this will make sense I promise. In Westeros, the phrase “winter is coming,” is a warning to stay vigilant and prepared. Have a well-developed marketing strategy in place to use when all else fails. If it’s worked for you in the past, chances are it will work well again. But always prepare a Plan B. Research trend and strategies that have been useful to your company and others in the past and go from there. Keep your creative juices flowing and fighting off white walkers, I mean other competition, will feel like you’re using Valyrian steel.

Don’t Be Afraid to Kill Something Off

I cannot stress this enough – do not actually kill anyone. In the real world, it’s illegal and you probably don’t have a Red Witch hanging around to bring them back to life like Jon Snow (I’m talking to you Melissandre). But, if something isn’t working for you, toss it! When you can tell an idea has become stale and overused, kill it and move on to the next. Maybe you’ll miss it forever (Ned Stark) or maybe you’ll move on to the next best thing completely.

Don’t Ignore the Whispers in the Shadows

I’m talking about message boards and social media comments. These outlets are the Little Fingers of this world and they can have a huge effect on company success. While you may not always want to see the negative comments on a social media post or blog, you simply have to move past it. Rectify the issues with the person who commented and move on. And don’t forget to reach out to those who compliment you too. We’ve seen similar struggles with Jon Snow and the Men of the Knights Watch. Catering to both sides is a difficult struggle but test the waters, and even if you’re right, always listen to an upset customer. Doing this will help build a better reputation and a loyal consumer base.

Never Let Your Guard Down

One of the final lessons in marketing you can take away from GoT is to never be too comfortable. Many of the characters fight and die for their chance to rule. We’ve seen many make it to number one, then relax- BIG mistake (you can reference poor Margerie Tyrell and her ENTIRE family and ladies in waiting for this particular lesson). Even if you reach the top in the marketing world, someone bigger and better will try to bump you from your slot. Constantly look for ways to improve what you are doing even if you have something that seems great.

For now, keep working on your marketing game like you’re preparing for battle. And, look out for more marketing tips when season 7 premieres this July!

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