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Jan 14, 2015 — TrackFive

Lead Generation Tips for Dummies

A lot of leads end up at dead-ends. Instead of trying to just get as many leads as you can, it’s important to work on improving the quality of the ones you’re bringing in. (Quality, not quantity!) Marketing and sales have to compliment the strategies of one another. Time equals money. And new leads equals money. So saving time and gaining leads means one thing…more money!

Lead Generation Tips

You’ve heard of the sales funnel….but have you heard of marketing funnels?

If you’re not looking at your marketing funnel the way you already do with your sales, then it’s kind of like having a bucket full of holes. Sure you can collect rain from all different directions, but there’s a good chance it won’t stay held in the bucket without patching all the ways out. Don’t let the potential leads seep through the cracks! There are just so many places that leads can just get away without leading anywhere. It’s important that you keep your marketing ideas fresh and coming from tons of different channels and teams in the middle able to qualify leads before they even get pushed to sales. The marketing funnel will bring in leads that are ready to directly pass into sales—and grab the attention of ones that need a little nurturing until they can move to that stage.

Have solid lead generation campaigns:

  • Call to Action: A button that can allow someone to directly go from your webpage to a phone conversation with you is important.
  • White papers: White papers or other kinds of offers allow people to get to know what your brand is and from there, they can take the first steps in reaching you.
  • Landing Pages: A landing page has a specifically targeted offer than is likely to get attention from qualified leads.
  • Forms: You can’t get leads without ’em!

Pick up the darn phone!

If you’re trying to pursue a lead, then you should consider simply using phone calls to seal the deal.¬† A lot of people get so wrapped up in email-land that they are losing sight of the easiest way to communicate, via phone. If you want to get a conversation really going, you’ve got to dial it in.

Instead of throwing “pitches”–strike up some talk about goals.

Instead of cold-calling leads and aggressively giving them a sales pitch, try gently nurturing them and first try to understand what they are potentially looking for. Ask them about their goals and determine how you can work with them to accomplish their needs.

Devise plans to bring old leads back “to life.”

You should always have a system of returning to former leads a while after you lost touch. Again, simply pick up the telephone and ring up old leads. Follow-up with them and ask them about their current needs. A lot of times, if done right, old leads can be resurrected!

Make your offers “irresistible.”

Making your offers appear to be exclusive, in demand, and in short-supply make them more desirable. If a person is interested but has some doubt, most of the time they can get convinced to go for it after perceiving it to be highly valuable.

Use the “bandwagon effect” to your advantage.

People tend to go along with things that others already are doing. Reminding audiences how many people already follow you, use your services, etc create a vibe of trustworthiness. That’s the magic of the “if everyone’s doing it, I might as well, too”-effect.

 Avoid played-out jargon.

What words should you try to avoid? Probably those phrases and words like “easy to use”, “cutting edge”, “groundbreaking”, etc.

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