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Jan 15, 2021 — TrackFive

In Memory of Sean Brennan – 12/28/66 – 1/6/21

On January 6th 2021, TrackFive lost a legendary team member, sales guru, and friend. Sean Michael Brennan passed away after a year and a half long battle with that evil son of a bitch…cancer.

If anyone was an OG TrackFiver, it was Sean. Sean’s blood, sweat, tears, and Titos helped to mold and shape TrackFive’s culture into what it is today. TrackFive simply wouldn’t be TrackFive without Sean. Anyone who worked with Sean knows just how much of a positive impact Sean’s bright, larger-than-life, water-buffalo personality had on the company.

Sean was always available for a quick chat, a self-deprecating joke, a wager over whose team was going to win a game, or a hearty Pat’s lunch. Sorry Gunna, we know you tried so desperately to get him to eat healthy lunches… We fully blame Pat’s and their damn coupons. (Thanks, Jill!)

But, when team members found out about Sean’s terrifying diagnosis in September 2019, we were stunned to silence. How could someone so invincible as Sean Brennan have cancer?? It couldn’t be true, right?? But it was. And, damnit, we couldn’t believe it.

After hearing the terrible news, we expected things to change instantly for Sean. We expected to not see him in the office. But, that absolute pain in the ass STILL CAME TO WORK to show face as often as he could. Despite our nagging for him to say home, he just couldn’t stay away. It seems…no, it was obvious…that Sean loved TrackFive just as much as TrackFive loved (and will forever love) him.

God damnit, Sean. What are we going to do without you? How are we supposed to get by without your larger-than-life personality, your pain in the ass attitude, and your priceless advice, experience, and guidance? You’ve left a hole in each of our hearts that will never be filled again. We will forever miss you, your laugh, and your love for each and every one of us. But…we certainly won’t miss your dirty ass T5 coffee mug. Seriously, Sean, that was some nasty shit, haha.

In what seems like the only appropriate way to end this memorial post, I’m going to leave you with Sean’s original TrackFive bio, written by the man himself.

“Sean is a veteran having served in the United States Navy where he enjoyed traveling around the world. Iceland was his obvious favorite place to visit as he met and married his wife, Gudrun Eyjolfsdottir there. They have 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren.  He has grey hair as a result.

Sean has had a diverse professional life.  After the military, Sean worked in concrete, built luxury homes and was even a Fuller Brush salesman for a stint.  He found his real calling in sales and online marketing and has excelled in that role for over 15 years. Sean loves pina coladas and gettin’ caught in the rain.  He’s not much into health food but he’s into champagne.  More loves include jazz, Sinatra and considers himself a cool nerd.  His favorite quote is, “I hate it when people steal my ideas before I think of them!” 

He continues to struggle with this bio and is now depressed that this is all he could come up with describing himself in such a short narrative.  He will now drink excessively, grow a beard and move to the desert to live alone and angry.  CHEERS!  All kidding aside, Sean is a powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision continues to lead clients through rapid and continuous growth.”

And, as Sean would say, those are the broad strokes.

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  1. martin (marty) eugene schopf says

    I new Sean.. since grade school played football with him c and varsity went to camp with him 7 84 partied with Sean and just had fun when I was around him saw him
    Last in mid 90s and just lost track since know words. Know words.


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