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Jun 14, 2023 — Carly Miller

How to Market a Career Fair: 10 Proven Strategies for Healthcare Recruiters

As a healthcare recruiter, hosting a successful career fair is essential to connect with the best candidates for your team. Healthcare career fairs can effectively connect job seekers with employers and provide valuable networking opportunities.

In today’s competitive market, it takes more than word-of-mouth and traditional advertising to drive interest in your fair. To make an impact, you need to develop an effective marketing plan.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss ten key ways to successfully promote a healthcare career fair so that you can ensure excellent attendance and maximize your recruiting efforts.

What is a Healthcare Career Fair?

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Healthcare career fairs are an excellent opportunity for recruiters to find and connect with potential candidates in the healthcare industry. These events provide a convenient and efficient setup for interacting with candidates, students, and professionals under one roof.

You can use healthcare career fairs to promote your organization’s brand, share information about available job openings, and screen potential candidates. You can also use job fairs to conduct on-site interviews, make job offers, and collect resumes.

As a result, healthcare career fairs can effectively recruit top talent, identify qualified candidates, and hire the best candidates.

Where to Host Your Job Fair

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When deciding on the location of your job fair, it’s essential to consider factors such as accessibility, demographics, and available space. You’ll want to pick a great place easily accessible for attendees and employers alike. This includes considering physical access (e.g., parking) and digital access (e.g., internet availability) if you host a virtual career fair.

You’ll also want to consider the demographics of your potential attendees. Are they mostly college students or experienced professionals? Is there a large concentration of healthcare workers in the area? You may want to consider hosting your career fair near an educational institution, such as a university or medical school, or at a local hospital.

Host a Virtual Career Fair

Hosting virtual job fairs is a great way to connect with a large pool of interested candidates without spending many resources on a traditional job fair. A virtual job fair is an online event that allows attendees to meet and connect with businesses from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Virtual job fairs have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and accessibility. A virtual job fair can be hosted on various platforms that allow candidates to interact with you through chats, video conferencing, or webinars.

How a Virtual Job Fair Benefits Job Seekers

For attendees, a virtual job fair eliminates the need for travel, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, attendees can easily research potential employers and prepare for interviews without the added pressure of attending an in-person event.

How a Virtual Job Fair Benefits Recruiters

As a recruiter, virtual career fairs give you a cost-effective and efficient way to connect with job seekers from different locations. Hosting a virtual job fair also allows you to use advanced technology to showcase your brand and streamline your recruitment process.

Preparing for Your Career Fair

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Before promoting your fair, it’s important to understand how you want the event to run. By following these steps before publicizing your job fair information, you’ll have a great chance of hosting a successful fair that meets your recruitment goals.

Define Your Goals

Before planning your job fair, identify your goals. What is your target audience? What skills and qualifications are you looking for in candidates? A clear idea of what you’re looking for will help you attract the right candidates.

Choose a Venue

Select a location for your job fair that is convenient for both recruiters and candidates. Make sure to visit the venue in person to determine if it fits. If you opt to host a virtual job fair, familiarize yourself with the platform you choose to host on.

Invite Employers

Reach out to other companies in the healthcare industry and invite them to participate in your job fair. This will provide each candidate with more options and help you build relationships with other hiring organizations in the industry.

Prepare Materials

Create informational materials to distribute at the job fair, such as brochures about your organization and job descriptions for the positions you’re hiring for. If you’re hosting a virtual career fair, consider creating appealing visuals to share from your screen.

10 Ways to Effectively Promote Healthcare Career Fairs

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Once you’ve covered the logistics of your job fair, it’s time to start marketing it. When it comes to marketing, hard work pays off. Promoting your fair is crucial to its success as it helps you reach a vast pool of potential candidates.

Promoting your job fair can create buzz and generate interest among qualified healthcare professionals, ultimately helping you build a stronger workforce and achieve your business objectives.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting your career fair. Create an event page on your organization’s social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) and share relevant content.

Utilize Email Marketing

Email your existing contacts and professional networks to notify them about your upcoming job fair. Provide a brief overview of the event and invite potential participants to attend.

Collaborate with Relevant Organizations

Reach out to organizations in the healthcare industry and partner with them to promote your career fair. Ask them to host referral campaigns on their websites, social media channels, or job boards to spread awareness about your event. You can also partner with local businesses or radio stations to help get the word out.


Advertising on websites, local newspapers, and other relevant platforms can help you reach a wider pool of potential candidates. Place ads that include information about the event, such as its date, time, location, and available positions.

Create a Press Release

Draft a press release about the event and send it to relevant media outlets. Include information about your business, the purpose of the career fair, and available positions. A press release will help you reach potential attendees who may not be actively searching for jobs but can still benefit from attending your event.

Send Personal Invitations

Reach out to influential healthcare professionals and invite them to attend your event. Leverage existing relationships with alums, vendors, customers, or other companies to spread awareness about the event. Personal invitations help you connect more with potential attendees and increase the likelihood of attendance.


Attend related events or job fairs and have informational materials about your career fair to stand out. Networking is a great way to meet potential attendees and tell them more about the event. It also helps you build relationships with industry partners who can become allies when marketing your event.

Utilize Event-Planning Tools

Use event-planning tools like Eventbrite to streamline the promotion of your career fair. These platforms allow you to create a website for the event, manage registrations, promote the event on various channels, and search for candidate information. Some platforms also allow you to create automated reminders to keep your attendees engaged and informed.

Create Engaging Promotional Content

Create engaging content to promote your event on social media and other channels. Include visuals like infographics, videos, or slideshows that provide information about the event in an easy-to-digest format. Creating interesting and informative content is key to advertising to potential attendees.

Post on Job Boards

Posting on job boards is an effective way to reach potential attendees. Include information about the event, available positions, and keynote speakers to encourage candidates to sign up. Remember that different job board companies may require you to pay a fee for postings, so make sure to budget accordingly.

Market Your Way to a Successful Event

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By developing a solid marketing plan and utilizing promotional tips, you’ll have a great chance at hosting a successful healthcare career fair.

Remember that career fairs are an ongoing opportunity to build relationships with potential job seekers, so follow best practices and take advantage of all promotional tactics available. With the right strategy in place, you can help ensure your event succeeds!

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